Over 7000 drinks collected to help keep hospital staff hydrated


A Wilmslow resident has been collecting drinks to donate to staff working on the wards at Wythenshawe Hospital and putting their lives at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

James Martin began collecting a week and a half ago because he has a friend working in an intensive care unit at Wythenshawe who, along with her colleagues, is really struggling.

So far he has delivered over 7000 individual drinks with more being dropped off at his home on a daily basis.

He told wilmslow.co.uk "The staff are desperate for fluids and can't take large bottles, cups or containers into work. They are dehydrated due to conditions and protective equipment being used."

James added "We need individual small bottles/cans of water or fizzy drinks desperately."

Drinks can be dropped off in James' front garden at 11, Park Road at anytime and whenever there are supplies he will take them to Wythenshawe Hospital.



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Paul O'Neill
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 5:48 pm
Great effort from my neighbour James!!!

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