Sweet donation brings joy to NHS staff

NHS staff who have been working so hard treating patients in Manchester have expressed their gratitude to an 11-year-old girl for the 'wonderful treat' she arranged for them.

Last month we ran an appeal on wilmslow.co.uk for Ava which resulted in Wilmslow residents donating over 150 Easter eggs for dedicated doctors and nurses who are continuing to work on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ava decided to donate her remaining Easter eggs and chocolate to the NHS workers and appeal to Wilmslow residents to join her.

Ava collected over 150 eggs which were delivered to the Manchester Foundation Trust Charity to be distributed to the doctors and nurses.

Sarah Naismith, Director of Manchester Foundation Trust Charity, said: "We were so delighted to hear that Ava and her friends wanted to support our hardworking NHS staff and bring a little joy our way."

The HR Liaison who co-ordinated taking the 150+ eggs across said "The kind donation was very gratefully received and we'd like to thank the Chaplin Family, especially Ava, for thinking of the team at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust."

One of the nurses added "Thank you Ava, your kind donation was very much appreciated by all of the doctors and nursing staff in the hospital, what a wonderful treat and surprise to greet us. It put a smile back on our faces and made tackling the Coronavirus a little easier. Even with so many, they didn't last long, they were very quickly enjoyed by everyone. Thank you."


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