Reader's Photo: The wonders of spring


Andrew Haines kindly sent us this photo taken of his back garden saying "Isolation and limited leisure time outside the home makes you appreciate the local world around you, starting at home and the wonders of spring."

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Reader's Photo


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Marcia McGrail
Thursday 16th April 2020 at 10:25 am
Yes, Cheshire is blessed with many vital green and open spaces. At the moment.
Let's pray that the government, planners and developers keep their greedy claws off them and realise how essential they are to our individual and national well-being.
(Why does it take a pandemic to highlight what the rest of us know as 'common sense'?)
Hand in hand with prayer, please petition local council and MP that the present creeping (sorry, I meant galloping) urbanisation is an anathema to holistic health.

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