Coronavirus - Poem of Solidarity


Rachel Goffredo, who has lived in Wilmslow for many years, kindly sent this poem that she has written.

Fear; the enemy of peace, the opposite of love


We are all scared

We are all bewildered

Navigating our way in a new world order

Trying to keep it together for our kids and loved ones


All those things we took for granted only a matter of days ago have vanished...

A walk on the beach

A car trip to anywhere

A flight to somewhere hot and sunny

A warm hug with old friends


We are mourning these things, but we will not be beaten.


Life has changed for the present and the foreseeable

But we are more determined now than fight You Corona


We can stand together with the rest of them

We've done so many times before

Our loved ones from a bygone era proved that

Now it's Our turn.


Love has blossomed through this

The community has reached out

Our shy, reserved kindness has been given a chance to show itself


Many, many people here have offered help, support and love to strangers in need.

You are all heroes...


Those who work in the NHS and public services...

From nurses to cleaners, doctors to binmen, postmen to shopworkers

You are all amazing.


Many have lost loved ones

Overpowered by grief and fear for the future

But we are here for you, reach out.

We can be proud again of our nation, our solidarity, our stoicism

We will beat you Corona virus.

You will never win.


One day...

We will hug our parents again,

See our friends,

Jump on a train and fly in the sky


Until that day let's stay safe, stay home and stay together


Rachel Goffredo


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