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Cheshire East Council has confirmed it will consider which sites in Alderley Edge will be allocated for future housing development in the summer.

Cheshire East Council received more than 2,700 responses during its recent consultation on its draft site allocations and development policies document (SADPD).

The purpose of the SADPD, which forms the second part of the council's Local Plan, is to set out detailed planning policies to guide decisions on planning applications as well as identifying additional smaller-scale sites for development.

The majority of development needs have already been provided for via the Local Plan Strategy, which came into force in July 2017. The SADPD identifies for development in the local service centres of Alderley Edge, Audlem, Bollington, Chelford, Disley, Holmes Chapel, Mobberley and Prestbury - which are generally sites of fewer than 60 homes or two hectares (five acres) in size.

In three sites allocated for development in Alderley Edge are:

Site ALD 1 - Land adjacent to Jenny Heyes The land adjacent to Jenny Heyes is allocated for residential development for around 10 new homes. This greenfield site is 0.47 ha in size and is located to the north east of Alderley Edge, on Heyes Lane.

Site ALD 2 - Ryleys Farm, north of Chelford Road The land at Ryleys Farm, north of Chelford Road is allocated for residential development for around 45 new homes. This greenfield site is 1.6 ha in size and is located to the west of Alderley Edge, north of Chelford Road.

Site ALD 4 - Land north of Beech Road The land north of Beech Road is allocated for residential development for around 35 new homes.This greenfield site is 2.9 ha in size and is located to the north of Alderley Edge, north of Beech Road.

Additionally safeguarded land is identified in Green Belt areas and may be required to meet longer-term development needs.

Land allocated for safeguarding in Alderley Edge is:

Site ALD 3 - Ryleys Farm (safeguarded) Land at Ryleys Farm is designated as 2.70 ha of safeguarded land. It remains in the open countryside and is not allocated for development at the present time.

The Council says because of the significant number of representations received about the SADPD, it is now expected that decisions about its policies and proposals will be made over the summer.

Councillor Toni Fox, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for planning, said: "I'm really pleased with the level of interest shown in the plan. As expected, we received a wide range of views on the plan's draft policies and development sites – from residents, local councils, developers and other organisations. We are carefully working through these.

"We have made it clear that we will listen very carefully to what everyone has to say and keep an open mind about making further changes to the plan, if needed, acknowledging that this may require a further round of public consultation prior to its submission to the secretary of state for examination."

Questions about the SADPD can be directed to the council's strategic planning team. Email: or telephone 01270 685893.

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