Revised plans for new residential development at former care home

Plans have been submitted for the demolition of a former nursing home and the construction of a new building providing 11 apartments.

Mirasa Wilmslow Ltd, who own the 0.23Ha site which is set back off Adlington Road site, are seeking planning permission to demolish the vacant building which was formally Hillside care home, along with a conservatory and single storey outbuilding at the rear.

The new residential development will consist of a two storey block containing 10 two bed and 1 one bed apartment with 21 car parking spaces and 10 cycling spaces.

A previous application (reference 16/6225M) submitted in 2016 by Jones Homes for the demolition of the building and the construction of a new three storey building providing 14 apartments was refused in March 2018.

The application was refused because the proposed development would result in the loss of protected trees which was considered unacceptable because of the impact upon character of the area; the proposed three storey structure represented an overdevelopment of the site and it would lead to a loss of light and privacy for the neighbouring property.

This new application states that it has sought to address each of the reasons for refusal of the previous scheme and will not result in the loss of any trees at the site; is of a design in keeping with the area and will not give rise to the loss of residential amenity.

At present, vehicular access to the site is available from two points; firstly, direct onto Adlington Road which also used by 23 and 25 Adlington Road and East Lodge and secondly via an additional access point onto Wilmslow Road North.

This revised scheme will have a single point of access for vehicles off Adlington Road which will be widened to allow two vehicles to pass. In addition, it is proposed that a speed hump be provided to reduce speeds, particularly when exiting. Whilst the existing vehicular access onto Wilmslow Park North is to be relocated slightly away from East Lodge and restricted to pedestrian and cycling access only.

The plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 19/4862M.

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Jon Williams
Wednesday 30th October 2019 at 3:57 pm
Meanwhile, the former staff are still waiting for wages (13 months ago) !