Plans for new care home revised again

Another set of revised plans have been submitted to demolish two detached residential properties in Wilmslow and erect a care home.

New Care Project are seeking permission to demolish two 4 bedroomed houses in large plots at 51 to 53 Handforth Road and replace them with a 60 bedroom care home which will be arranged over three floors.

The new scheme proposes 34 car parking spaces, including 4 for disabled use, with one vehicle and one designated pedestrian access point, replacing the two existing driveways.
The Altrincham based company originally submitted a planning application in March 2018 to demolish the two detached houses and replace them with an 83 bedroom three-storey care home. However, due to some objections from the local community a decision was not forthcoming and New Care submitted an amended scheme for a 65 bedroom care home with a revised site entrance position as well as 26 car parking spaces.

However, the second scheme was met with strong opposition with 84 letters of objection received and was refused by the Northern Planning Committee in April 2019. Members of the Northern Planning Committee unanimously agreed that it was an overdevelopment of the site, which resulted in a lack of car parking, an overbearing impact on neighbouring property because of the bulk and massing as well as being out of character with the street scene.

The proposed care home would employ 63 members of staff, 47 full time and 32 part time, operating on shift patterns.

Cllr Toni Fox has objected to the revised plans stating "Whilst there is a provision of 34 car parking spaces which meets the minimum parking standards 26 of these are tandem car parking spaces. A single vehicle access to the site poses additional questions in relation to highway safety. A swept path analysis has not been submitted demonstrating the large delivery vehicles/waste collection and ambulances can enter and leave the site in forward gear."

She added "This is an overdevelopment of the site that will be overbearing in height, bulk, mass and scale to neighbouring properties and will impact on residential amenity, and on the street scene. The proposal is for a 3 storey building in a predominantly 2 storey residential area."

Handforth Health Centre has also objected saying "Handforth Health Centre currently provides care to all of the 100 residents in Eden Mansions nursing home, a very large 4 unit nursing home providing complex care to patients with dementia. We provide care under the ECCCG nursing home scheme and currently visit the home for 3 GP sessions a week with up to 90 patient contacts a week.

"The provision of another large nursing home in the HHC catchment area will place additional strain on GP appointments for the currently registered patient population as this would require a similar level of GP time commitment to another nursing home. Given the placement of the nursing home on the Manchester and Stockport borders it is likely that, as is the case for Eden Mansions, the majority of the residents will move into Eastern Cheshire from out of the area. It is notable that Eastern Cheshire already has one of the highest rates of nursing home beds per capita in the country."

The revised plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 19/3831M.

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Simon Worthington
Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 1:56 pm
Like remoaners - just keep on trying. Ban this prospective eyesore for good.
Jon Williams
Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 3:48 pm
We have a need for care beds, not just in Cheshire East, but all over the country, we lost 19 beds due to Hillside closing
Bill Bennett
Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 5:08 pm
Jon Williams, do you work for this company?

On the very day of the last Council meeting when the plan for a nursing home was defeated unanimously, we received brochures from two care companies in the Wilmslow area, advertising spaces. What you say is at odds with our experience as residents of Wilmslow.

Furthermore, if there was a need for more nursing home spaces, you would have thought Hillside would have remained open to cater for these needs, which is not the case.

This company is continually wasting the ratepayers money by continually trying to get permission for a three storey nursing home. (Which had no elevators in the plans I last looked at) The proposal is being shoe horned into a space in a residential area. It has been refused on multiple occasions for multiple reasons and should be refused again. It has no place in a residential area.
Steven Kingsby
Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 5:38 pm
Oh dear it's the infamous Jon again.
You obviously have not read the article properly. Objections from Handforth Health centre alone is enough to reject this monstrous carbuncle.
You can't even live in this area because if you did you would keep your ridiculous comments to yourself.
There is a glut of spare care beds in this area with another new home being built not 3/4 mile away.
So Jon, unless you can give constructive comments give your keyboard a rest.
Perhaps its time you found yourself a place in one.