Plans to convert derelict farmhouse and barn

Plans have been submitted for the renovation of a derelict barn and farmhouse to provide 4 new dwellings along Altrincham Road.

The 0.53 hectares site at Barn House Farm lies along the Western border of the Styal Conservation Area and within the Green Belt.

The proposal includes a 5 bedroom farmhouse and three barns with 4 bedrooms each, all of the dwellings are two storey. The footprint of the farmhouse has been increased by 70sqm - an increase of 35% - providing space for additional living areas. Whilst the footprint of the barns has been reduced by 129sqm (22%) by removing derelict outbuildings.

A garage is provided for the farmhouse, containing two parking spaces and a car port is proposed for the barns, providing two parking spaces per property and associated storage space. Visitor parking is provided to the front of the farmhouse, and within the landscaped courtyard of the Barns.

The site is currently accessed along a public footpath that runs between Altrincham Road and Quarry Bank estate. Although this path provides access for both pedestrians and vehicles, the footpath is in a poor condition. The footpath cutting through the site will be rerouted to the South, bypassing the site, and rejoining the footpath to the West of the site. The road running up to the property will be retained as part of the development, providing vehicular access to the properties.
There has previously been two planning applications for this site, both being for the renovation of the barn complex into three houses. Both of these applications were granted planning approval in September 2017 and January 2013.

The plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council planning portal by searching for planning reference 19/3412M . The last date for submitting comments is 12th September and a decision is expected by 19th September.


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