MP says Boris will deliver for the North


Our local MP Esther McVey, who has backed the former London mayor in the Conservative party leadership race, was quick to congratulate Boris Johnson who will shortly become Britain's next prime minister, having beating rival candidate Jeremy Hunt.

Tatton MP Esther McVey said: "This is wonderful news and I congratulate Boris. It was a much needed decisive victory that will enable our new Prime Minister to unite the country, deliver Brexit and shape a path to prosperity which every person can be part of. Let us all come together, proud of who we are and what we have to offer and know our greatest days lie ahead.

"I backed Boris in the campaign as I believe he will deliver on issues that are important to my constituents and the North. I have had many conversations with Boris in recent weeks about issues including infrastructure, policing and education and I have been clear he needs to act and deliver what matters to people.

"It is vital the North gets the attention it deserves so we can continue to grow our local economy and create more jobs and opportunities for everyone. He is passionate, as I am about infrastructure and local services and that money is not wasted on projects like HS2 and I will keep pushing for action to ensure the concerns of the Tatton constituency are heard as he takes up office."



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Chris Hall
Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at 5:26 pm
I just cant listen to this ...................
Nick Jones
Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at 8:27 pm
No He wont... E=McV is just after a new job.....

2ndJuly 2019 “HS2 has a weak business case. Costs are spiralling vertiginously. The company is deeply disorganised in its relations with stakeholders and residents. But as a longstanding student of UK infrastructure and its defects, I hesitate before simply chopping a giant national project. We need a proper and urgent review to test whether the money could be spent differently – and in particular whether we should prioritise HS3/Northern Powerhouse rail.”…. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. [Calamitous Buffon +now PM]

So dont hold your breath.....
Pete Taylor
Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at 10:34 pm
There was a time when the Conservative (and Unionist) Party was well-intentioned. Not for some while, unfortunately. Now they seem to be a rabble of self-serving opportunists; in thrall to the 60 Old Etonians. Thatcher diverted the Party to a grabbing "Me and Now" philosophy and, at a stroke, invented the White-Van Tory man.

I'm told that there are 66 MILLION people in the UK. About 90 THOUSAND folks voted for "our leader" Boris.

No doubt the sickening creeping and crawling will continue for Boris's favour for a few days ; after all he's playing with a fourth division team, at best. Esther will fit right in. Tatton needs a good scrap-yard.

This will certainly end in tears.
Gary Doyle
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 8:37 am
I will be voting Lib Dem in the next election.
John Gibbons
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 9:16 am
So no HS2, not sure how I feel about that really. But I’d bet that the money saved isn’t spent in the north but on a north/south crossrail 2 type project for London.
John Clegg
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 5:43 pm
John Gibbons, the consensus (prob from up here in the NW. I've not checked...) is that a proper West-East rail link would be more beneficial, and would cause less environmental damage, and won't happen because it doesn't have "London" anywhere in the title.
In the run-up to GE 2017, the tories talked about electrification of those thousands of miles of strategic railway in the north and beyond. This, of course, was shelved because the tories got back in.
And, y'know, austerity.
We invented railways, and exported the concept but many areas of the country suffered needless Beeching cuts, and still have 40 year old rolling-stock and no electrified lines.
David Pearce
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 5:57 pm
Seems the local political naysayers are bent on utter negativity probably since long before any Tory leadership contest was even announced. The trouble with democratic discourse today is opinions on every political issue are viewed to be either 100% right from one side or 100% wrong from another side. There is no room for shades of grey - everything is black or white. If we carry on shouting at each other in this disrespectful way over BREXIT or any other key political topics civilised democracy in this country is doomed.
Laurie Atterbury
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 6:27 pm
I thought we were the “North West” ? The North is a little further north from Wilmslow.
Bob Bracegirdle
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 6:31 pm
Ha ha. I need to laugh to stop from crying.

One detail. Please don't refer to them as Beeching cuts - they are MARPLES cuts, made by a man with road interests.

HS2 a close third I think. Spend the initial saved money on the 12 miles between Matlock and Chinley and get the Midland main line back again. Incredible that to reach Derby by rail I have to go via Sheffield and change. Connectivity before speed.
Chris Wigley
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 7:17 pm
Let's hope that a latter day Martin Bell comes along for the next election and deposes this dreadful MP, I wonder is Lorraine Kelly would be interested in representing Tatton!
Keith Chapman
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 8:09 pm
Ester McVey was elected with a substantial majority, and is an excellent constituency MP. Boris Johnson was elected by Conservative members, and if he manages to achieve a negotiated Brexit deal he will justify his national position and overcome the narrow electoral base argument. A ‘no deal’ Brexit might work but the potential downside is not quantifiable, as there are too many ‘unknown unknowns’. It is not a risk that should be taken. HS2 will connect Birmingham and then Manchester to London, and should be embraced. Poor connections are holding the North West back. All major infrastructure projects overrun but the alternative is staying in the dark ages. The argument for HS2 is the need for capacity not speed. HS3 (Liverpool to Hull) should have been built first but as long as the entire line is built we can wait. Let’s be positive. Get behind our new government and HS2/HS3.
Nick Jones
Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 9:19 pm
@ Laurie.... Good point... It would appear the Hansard definiton of 'The North' is anything to the Scotland side of Luton.... where there be dragons !!

@Chris.. . Marin Bell was excellent no doubt... well respected then and now ! .. not sure about Lorraine Kelly though ? ..
John Gibbons
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 8:33 am
David Pearce. My point isn’t 100% on either side. I’d say the link to Manchester has benefits in terms of time, but may not be worth the £50+ BN cost.
My point is that if this money isn’t spent on the Manchester link, it will be spent on projects far from here.
London seems to be an irresistible pull for infrastructure improvements and as others have said we’re left on the sidelines.
Until there’s some serious plan to place power outside London the situation won’t change.
Peter Croome
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 8:48 am
One person so far is right - Esther McVey is an excellent local MP.

Other than that - only 24 hours after his election and already the knives are out. Why not just wait and see what happens under Boris Johnson - you might just be surprised.
Oliver Romain
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 10:00 am
The petition to Revoke Article 50 and Remain in the EU closes on 20th August. In Tatton the petition is close to 10,000 signatures. Sign and share it to show that in Wilmslow we reject Brexit and reject the chaos and damage of McVey’s disaster Brexit.
John Harries
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 10:04 am
Based on the comments so far it's clear which side of the political divide they represent.
Despite giving her my unequivocal vote I can't make my own mind up about Ms. McVey until I can judge more of her accountable actions so let's just see.
HS2......despite all the sudies I can only see this as a higher speed conduit to London/the SE, not vice versa - we must have more decentralisation and I'd rather see state-of-the-art rail inter-city links going cross country to Leeds/the east coast and prioritise better interconnectivity. More, much more, of the Media City type concepts in Manchester that bring 'big and meaningful national related stuff' north of Birmingham so the HS2 concept (which is fundamentally a people carrier) becomes irrelevant - spend far less of HS2 designated money on removing rail bottlenecks and improving the efficiency and capacity of the existing rail infrastructure (plus extending it to areas that have been so far forgotten/neglected). With investment directed at modern distribution methods and quieter rolling stock moving 24 hours/day, our motorways can be freed-up for handling lighter traffic - and not get clogged and physically hammered by heavy road haulage. Once we are free of the EU we can legislate for smaller, more lightly ladened trucks using the UK road network.
This model or something similar should be the ultimate aim, not HS2.
Mark Goldsmith
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 11:22 am
One of the key reasons for HS2 is that it will double the current rail capacity. The reason so many lorries currently run up the M6 is because there is no extra room to run more trains. The faster speed is an added bonus, not the main reason for the upgrade.

Also, congratulations to Esther on her appointment to Housing Minister. Given the wide issues we have in Tatton regarding massive house building with no infrastructure support, I can only hope she ensures a sustainable approach to any new developments.
Oliver Romain
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 3:41 pm
Don’t fall for it. HS2 is a deliberate distraction from the real betrayal of the people of Tatton by McVey.
Tatton did not vote to leave the EU and certainly did not vote for this shower of self serving hard right disaster Brexiteers like McVey to push the county into recession with a hard, unplanned, disaster brexit.
The real political issue of the day is not rail, it’s the con job that is brexit and the fact that we have a PM who led a criminal enterprise to sell a fantasy brexit.
His time is limited in number 10, but we must do everything to stop the damage he and the likes of McVey will inflict on the county.
Manuel Golding
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 5:33 pm
How does Oliver know Tatton didn't vote for Leave the EU?
It wasn't a constituency vote, it was a CEC wide vote.
And CEC voters voted to Leave.
The nation, England, Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland, voted to Leave - the majority of votes cast was for Leave.
Brexit is viewed by Oliver & his party as a electoral ploy, an attempt in political opportunism to gather to their cause all the anti-democratic forces that myopically are unable understand how an election works including the Referendum.
My understanding is that the LDs wish the UK to remain in the EU; have they looked at this week's EU Parliamentary voting? The newly "elected" EU Commission president, Frau Ursula van der Leyen received an overwhelming 384 votes which supposedly represents the c600 million EU citizens; this is what the LDs would wish upon this country, an unelected dictatorship. Frau Leyden's vote certainly makes the new PMs Conservative members vote of some 92K look positively democratic, that is not withstanding just how the UK party system operates.
Oliver is deluded when he doesn't understand that the In side was using all sorts of con trickery to gain a win. That doesn't mean the Out side also didn't overstate the case - that is the very nature of politics. Only the naive wish to believe it was only one side that overstated its case.
Brexit is not a "con job" as Oliver prefers to imagine. The new PM did not lead "..a criminal enterprise to sell a fantasy brexit."
Oliver Romain
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 7:47 pm
And so the real politics of ROW is revealed Manuel and Mark are full blown hard right brexiteers.
The Liberal Democrats have supported membership of the EU for decades, right from the start. The public has rewarded this stance in the local elections where we enjoyed massive success and will again in the next general election.
The real ‘ploy’ is for ROW candidates to masquerade as independents when they are a political party run by hard right Tories and worse.
If ROW are so keen on a hard brexit, why not promote it in the election campaigns or is that too political for them? The reality is that if ROW told the truth about their real politics they would be shunned by the majority of people of Wilmslow.
Jon Newell
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 8:41 pm
You are quite wrong. Residents of Wilmslow is only a party because we needed to be registered so that "RoW" could appear on the ballot paper alongside the candidate name.
RoW has one policy only - to represent the best interests of the residents of Wilmslow. Under that basic premise, all the elected RoW representatives follow their own instincts and are free to express how best to protect the interests of Wilmslow and its residents.
We do discus local issues but we have never discussed Brexit or any other national issue.
For what it is worth, I supported remain and would vote remain were there to be future referedum.
Oliver Romain
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 10:47 pm
Jon your party leader Mr Golding and Mr Goldsmith are always on the attack (albeit ineffectually) because I tell the truth about remain, our MP and the current PM. Yet not a word of criticism for McVey and Johnson.
Surely you don’t expect the electorate to believe that ROW is neutral on brexit or national politics? It’s not realistic or backed up by the actions of ROW politicians.
Politics is still politics, even when it is dressed up as something ‘different’.
It sounds like it’s not just the electorate of Wilmslow who have been hoodwinked.
Alan Brough
Friday 26th July 2019 at 7:51 am
Shouldn't the "Liberal Democrats" think of a new name for their party given that their latest raison d'etre appears to be to overturn the democratic choice of the British people?
Manuel Golding
Friday 26th July 2019 at 9:30 am
Oliver, I can only speak & write for myself.I'm not as you assume a "a full blown hard right brexiteer", but I've been more than suspicious of the EU as it is known today, right from the day the UK joined the EEC/Common Market im 1972/3. The truth of the project was hidden from the electorate from the very beginning, nothing has changed. Except the EU is & will become evermore dictatorial, as we are now seeing via Ursula von der Leyen's desires for the future path. Wake up and see the light Oliver, before it engulfs you and me into its black hole!

You and your faux named "Liberal Democratic Party" are anything but liberal or democratic.
You constantly try to defy the democratic vote of the British people who desire to leave the EU. Before we continue on name calling about the referendum strategies of the opposing sides, it was a matter of the Leave campaign's arguments being considerably more acceptable than your remain "operation fear" strategies and untruths. The fact remains your party cannot accept you lost the people's vote, accepting a vote is the core basis of democracy or else we are a dictatorship. Oh dear, back to the dreaded EU again!!!!

You obviously mistakenly believe and attempt to cast your delusionary views about Residents of Wilmslow believing it to be the basis for what you hope will be a point for your electoral success. Brexit, foreign policies, fish quotas etc, national government policies etc are not of concern to RoW and our electorate.

RoW is a politically neutral grouping concerned with local issues; we are not interested in anyone's political views, some are Remainers, some Outers, its an area we do not discuss because it is not a concern to RoW as a group. RoW is concerned with getting the best deal for Wilmslow. You dabble in your petty name calling politics, as if you are still dabbling in petty uni student politics. But RoW is in the real world where RoW will get on with the real job.

Jon Newell above says all about RoW, read it and try to understand! I think it is best to leave you to play your own little political game of 'misinformation', typical of LibDem petty ploys as played since its birth.
Mark Goldsmith
Friday 26th July 2019 at 11:34 am
Oliver you say "The public has rewarded this stance in the local elections where we enjoyed massive success".


Is that the "massive success" where you personally came last in Wilmslow West & Chorley?
Or the "massive success" of your fellow Lib Dem candidate who came second to last there? Or was it the 17% of votes you collectively got together?
Or perhaps it was the Lib Dem candidate that came last in Lacey Green?
Or was it a "massive success" in Wilmslow East or Dean Row where the Lib Dems didn't even put up a candidate?
Or perhaps you were talking about the local EU elections? Where the Lib Dem's had "massive success" in the North West with just 17% of the votes?

If all that's a "massive success", then what on earth do you call a "dismal failure"? Once again though your "telling the truth" bears no connection to any form of reality or logic.

The Lib Dem local election pitch to Wilmslow was all about Brexit, so its dreadful performance obviously hasn't registered with you that Wilmslow voters want their local politicians to focus on local issues. That is what Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) is all about. A local party acting on local opinions over local matters.

RoW comfortably won all its seats at the recent elections with this formula, going from three council seats to eight. Something, I think can be described as a "massive success". I realise that by coming last so often, it is tempting for you to invent slurs and spin to try and knock our success. What have you got to lose when you are always last?

However, by doing this you just highlight how those in national parties are driven by national ideology and just don't get what local politics is all about.

Cllr Mark Goldsmith
Simon Worthington
Friday 26th July 2019 at 1:10 pm
In all my years of reading the articles and comments on this website rarely have I been so reduced to tears of laughter and frustration.
The nearly appropriatley named one especially. I suppose "Magic Grandpa" is now "hard right" as he has always been a brexiteer. I do love the comments surely provided by his highly polished crystal ball!!! Thanks for letting the wind out of those puffed up sails Mark and Manuel.
Anyone tempted to vote for the misnamed Libdems (neither liberal nor democratic as comments above amply demonstrate) should have a quick read of their manifesto which will be enough to change your mind - unless of course you wish to continue tugging your forelock to the EU, want to see your grandkids conscripted (and learn to wave the white flag of the French), see more British business paid to leave by Brussels etc.etc.. Likewise any one foolish enough to consider the Geen party. Their manifesto is chilling. They will have us living in mud huts and surviving on what your allotment can supply.
I need another laugh so I will reread some of them - pass my hankie.........
Manuel Golding
Friday 26th July 2019 at 3:22 pm
Being a family man I have patience to humour children but draw the line with overgrown children and their infantile antics allied to their inability to have any real understanding of the actual world (his anti RoW ravings are so typical of the LDs & their myopic & blinkered world) clearly obsessed with their delusional view of life.
When I or RoW get called pejorative names by a childlike obsessive choosing such ravings rather than entering into an adult discourse, then I appreciate the "infant" vocalist has either run out of or lost the argument. Clearly Oliver Romain doesn't enhance his or his party's cause & without the basic understanding of RoWs raison d'etre I trust he will continue in this vein - more power to his pen!!!
Therefore I am no longer entering into any infantile, ill conceived "debates" with such as Oliver with his student ravings until such time as he attempts to make constructive, adult comments & arguments.
We at Residents of Wilmslow clearly understand our remit and will continue on our course for the betterment of ALL Wilmslow's residents.
Richard Armstead
Friday 26th July 2019 at 7:42 pm
Mr Remain

RoW as part of its registration as a political party had to submit and commit to a Constitution document. This was approved by the Electoral Commission.

As regards 'Affiliations & Independece' RoW has committed to:
1. Remain independent of any other political parties but may work with other Associations or parties in pursuance of the Association's objectives.
2. Act in the best interests of Wilmslow and its residents, not the interests of the Association or its members.
3. The Association shall not become involved in national interests unless they significantly impact on Wilmslow.

In this way RoW has fully committed to Wilmslow but it is clear that both CE Conservatives and Liberal Democrats still live in a land of delusion believing that the local election results only happened because of the Brexit debacle.

Dream on while RoW concentrate on the job in hand to change the way local politics operate to the betterment of Wilmslow.
David Pearce
Friday 2nd August 2019 at 6:23 pm
The political point scoring, factional diatribe - with certain remarks - following to my earlier contribution to this topic - confirm the currently mutually negative - pot shotting, point scoring mentality - of prevailing political discourse infecting local issues with national political party prejudice. A plague on all your houses!!!
Oliver Romain
Friday 2nd August 2019 at 11:07 pm
Yet more personal abuse and name calling from ROW. These people want to control debate and can’t, and so they resort to online thuggery.
Even if people don’t agree with a point of view, they don’t want to see the type of pathetic personal abuse we have seen from ROW and their cronies.
It’s a coordinated attempt to stifle debate and to discourage everyone who does not see the world from their narrow point of view from engaging in debate. It’s not working on me.
The real issue facing Wilmslow and the country is that we have an MP who wants to abolish climate change targets and throw the country to the mercy of Trump with a brexit that nobody voted for.
The Tories recent loss of a seat with a majority of 8,000 to the Lib Dem’s shows that even McVey’s seat is up for grabs. The hard brexiteers are losing.
McVey is in full campaigning mode because she knows that the Tory government is days away from falling and her seat is no longer guaranteed.
Vince Chadwick
Tuesday 6th August 2019 at 4:30 pm
First of all, HS2 is badly named; it is not about speed, but about capacity, most of which on East Coast and West Coast main lines is currently gobbled up by fast non-stop trains between London, the Midlands, the north, and Scotland, and very useful they are (Euston to Wilmslow in 1 hour 47 minutes is pretty good!). But 125mph non-stop trains on a crowded mixed-use railway take up a vast percentage of the available capacity. Obviously, this capacity squeeze gets worse nearer to London as the number of high speed trains vying for paths on the railway gets concentrated. That's why it's being built south to north, and not the other way around.

Move those long distance fast trains onto a separate infrastructure, and the capacity released on the classic lines would be enormous. This would not only be beneficial for places that currently see trains whizz past but never stopping since there isn't the capacity for many stopping trains at present, but rail freight, which is hopelessly capacity-constrained, would be able to flourish and we could shift meaningful amounts of freight off the motorways and onto rail.

Rail passenger numbers are between two and three times what they were prior to privatisation and climbing. If we are shortsighted enough to cancel HS2 (an easy target for lazy politicians looking for a populist move) our rail system will cease to be viable. If we build HS2, it will be a fantastic enabler for UK commerce north and south and by no means just for the places directly served. All it takes is vision, but unlike our Victorian forefathers who built the present railway infrastructure (yes it really is that old! And has been 'extended' as far as it can be for modern use) we seem to lack that vision.

Regarding Boris, he seems to be a consummate liar. A prime example was recently when he stood up on TV and waved a kipper in the air claiming someone in the Isle of Man had complained to him that EU regulations on packing of kippers was costing him a fortune and making it very difficult for him to do business and therefore we must get on with Brexit pronto. Boris must have known that A) there is no such EU rule, and B) the Isle of Man isn't in the EU - it isn't even in the UK! There is, however, a home-grown UK rule about kipper packing which may well be impeding sales of the smoked fish out of the Isle of Man into UK.

We are used to Brexiters blaming the EU for silly rules that are in fact entirely home-grown (who will they blame if we leave - oh, hang on! Why, the EU of course!), but for the prospective PM (as he was then) to stand up and lie, knowing he would be called out on it and apparently just not caring, says a lot about him.
Nick Jones
Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 12:34 pm