Council to consult on plans to grow economy to £15bn

Cheshire East Green Map

Cheshire East Council is to consult on its draft economic strategy, which outlines plans to grow the local economy to deliver £15bn per year and improve the quality of the local area.

The strategy, which was considered by cabinet on Tuesday, 9th July, has been developed in partnership with representatives from the private sector.

The economic strategy is being developed to show how future growth will be managed and sustainably to support the council's ambitions and anticipated arrival of HS2 – but acknowledges that the proposals outlined will require external funding for the full opportunities to be realised.

Councillor Nick Mannion, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for environment and regeneration, said: "This strategy sets out the council's economic priorities and will help us to have future conversations around funding them.

"We now want to test the strategy through a consultation, so that the local community can tell us what they think."

The main priorities in the strategy include improving the quality of our town centres, the variety of available housing, connectivity options, skills levels and business development.

The consultation process will take place over the summer.

Photo: Map of Cheshire East

Cheshire East Council


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Roger Bagguley
Saturday 13th July 2019 at 10:32 am
Wonder if these plans will put infrastructure first?
Pete Taylor
Saturday 13th July 2019 at 12:57 pm
Deliver £15 billion per year to whom?

CEC should be growing some trees and concentrating on providing core services; we’ve seen just how bad they have been when trying to play at being captains of industry.
Brian Tolver
Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 5:21 pm
The last economic plan was used to force 36,000 new houses upon us, using up swathes of green belt and other green spaces.

Another plan for economic growth always sounds great, but let's all consider economic growth in tandem with environmental impact. Let's not sign up for economic growth first, and find the real price tag comes later.
David Smith
Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 11:21 pm
Define "improve the quality of the local area".
Define "consultation". Don't they mean THIS IS THE PLAN THAT STARTS NEXT WEEK - WHAT DO YOU THINK?
"CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS' - what's that then - a new word for me? Roads or SAFE cycling?
NO to HS2 - we need better rail travel all over the country not just on an express line to London. Has nobody noticed that EVERY train at EVERY station is about 18 inches (46cms] higher than the platform when you step out? Shouldn't we make access for disabled, the elderly and children a simple affair before going for niche projects for the few?