Green lights for playing field improvements

Plans for improvements to the playing fields at Browns Lane were approved by the Northern Planning Committee on Wednesday, 10th July, despite concerns from local residents.

Ansa's scheme includes the provision of a path network, including a shared cycle and footpath with lighting, a new play area, a new drainage system, a multi-use games area (MUGA) and a football pitch, as well as new seating and fencing. The proposed play equipment includes a basket swing, spinnee roundabout, turtle springer, two multi use climbing units and cradle swings.

Ten letters of objection were received which raised concerns regarding drainage; the introduction of a road light which would cast light into bedrooms; benches which would encourage noisy teenagers to gather and that the MUGA would lead to an increase anti- social behaviour and be overbearing on neighbouring properties.

The improvements to the Browns Lane Recreation Area are being funded by S106 contributions in connection with the Jones Homes development off Adlington Road and the Oaklands School development.

Cllr Iain Macfarlane, a member of the Northern Planning Committee, said "A local resident mentioned that it was a great concept but that this was a very boggy field and access was often difficult for visitors with children. Other suggestions were for more waste bins for general rubbish and dog waste receptacles.

"Strangely the applicant wasn't at the meeting to be questioned so the council officers had to take these comments and suggestions away for some fine tuning and answers."

Speaking about the opinion of committee members, he added "There was a lot of support for the proposal. No one was against it."


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