Another public defibrillator unveiled in Wilmslow

Defib launch (LtoR names) - Ian Cole, Nicola Klizemko, Vincent Evans, Jane Charlton, Councillor Martin Watkins, April Bill

Another public defibrillator was officially launched in Wilmslow on Monday, July 8th.

This one is wall-mounted outside the pharmacy on Lindow Parade, Chapel Lane and brings the total number of these life-saving apparatus to a dozen in Wilmslow and the surrounding area.

This initiative started eight years ago when the Wilmslow Town Council had five placed in several key Wilmslow locations and this week's launch was made possible by local Chapel Lane businesses who funded the project.

Councillor Martin Watkins, Chair of the Wilmslow Town Council, officially unveiled by the defibrillator. He said " It was a real pleasure to commission another defibrillator, to add to the growing coverage in Wilmslow.

"Many thanks to the Green Room, the Well Pharmacy and others who worked so hard to get this life-saving piece of equipment in the ever popular Chapel Lane."

Photo: (l-r) - Ian Cole, Nicola Klizemko, Vincent Evans, Jane Charlton, Councillor Martin Watkins, April Bill.



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Pete Taylor
Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 8:41 pm
Well done WTC and “others”.
Alan Slater
Wednesday 10th July 2019 at 7:16 pm
Well done, indeed......but where are the other 11 machines?

Perhaps their siting could be publicised a little more widely? I am new to the area and have no idea where to obtain a defibrillator should the need arise.
Martin Watkins
Friday 12th July 2019 at 10:47 am
@Alan Slater. The location of the defibrillators is not published for good reason. If someone believes it necessary to use a defibrillator, they must first call the emergency services on 999. The ambulance service will then tell the caller the location of the nearest defibrillator if it is within 200 yards and, most importantly, give the caller the code to unlock the box containing the defibrillator. Why 200 yards? Because of the time it takes to run to the defibrillator, unlock and use on someone whose heart appears to have stopped.