Woman rescued after falling down 60 metres cave shaft at The Edge


Emergency services were called to The Edge just before 10pm last night (Tuesday 14th May) following reports of a woman having fallen down a cave shaft.

One fire engine attended from Wilmslow along with two from Macclesfield and one fire engine from Lymm along with the rope rescue unit.

Upon arrival crews were informed a female casualty was approximately 60 metres down the shaft.

The teams, including the Lymm rope rescue and HART team, liaised with Derbyshire Cave Rescue Team.

They used lighting, a trauma pack and height safety gear while working to locate and rescue the woman. She was treated while underground and was put into a rope rescue harness.

She was then hoisted up the cave shaft and handed over to paramedics to be assessed.



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Gillian Slater
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 5:12 pm
Well done everyone involved in the rescue. We know why we pay our various taxes !