Reader's Photos: Exploring the Quarry Bank estate

Pete Taylor kindly sent us these photos taken around Quarry Bank on Wednesday, 25th April.

He said "Before today's thunderstorms we had a walk around part of the Quarry Bank estate, some of which I hadn't seen for 30+ years. I think we sometimes overlook the treasures on our own doorstep; this really is a fabulous asset and hopefully will attain world Heritage status soon.

"We walked some way along the Giant's Castle path then returned to the mill via the unofficial, but well-trodden, boundary fence path; stopping to look at the farm buildings which are currently being refurbished. I seem to recall the the National Trust bought this farm (which was in parlous condition) not too long ago and then sold the buildings on for redevolpment (I'm willing to be corrected on this point!).

"The house and barns around the yard will make fabulous homes for someone and is a good use of buildings which so easily could have been demolished. The interior roof structure of one of the barns can be seen in the window shot, there are massive oak beams and the brick-work is on huge red sandstone base stones. I have an inkling that the brick walls may have been added later to an open-style barn - any experts out there?

"We actually bought the full guide book, which is excellent, and will be exploring more of the estate soon. Yes, there were the inevitable children playing in the Bollin, conducting some sort of experiments under supervision. I do hope that they did not catch anything nasty, given the recent problems further up stream."

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