Handforth candidates confirmed for May local elections


With the deadline for the nomination of candidates for the upcoming local elections having passed we can now confirm the people who have been nominated for election as Councillors for the Handforth Ward on Cheshire East Council and Handforth Parish Council.

The election for all Councillors in Cheshire East Borough Council and Handforth Parish Council will be held on Thursday 2nd May. Votes will be counted on Friday 3rd May 2019 and the results will be posted on alderleyedge.com as soon as they are known.

There are 52 wards and 82 councillors on Cheshire East Council. Depending on the population, wards are represented by one, two or three councillors.

Handforth is represented by two councillors and there will be five candidates standing for these positions:

  • Susan Ann Elizabeth Bidwell, Handforth 'Ratepayers' Association (Independent)
  • Barry Edward Burkhill, Handforth 'Ratepayers' Association (Independent)*
  • Chris Fortune, Liberal Democrat
  • David Lonsdale, Conservative Party
  • Julie Anne Smith, Independent

The thirteen candidates standing for the seven seats on Handforth Parish Council are:

Handforth East Ward ( two seats)

  • Cynthia Margaret Samson, Independent*
  • John Michael Smith, Independent*

Handforth South Ward (two seats)

  • Andrew Backhouse, Independent
  • Barry Edward Burkhill, Handforth 'Ratepayers' Association (Independent)*
  • Roger Clive Small, Independent
  • Brian Victor Tolver, Handforth 'Ratepayers' Association (Independent)*

Handforth West Ward (three seats)

  • Aled Brewerton, Independent
  • Chris Fortune, Liberal Democrat
  • Timothy Hardy, Independent
  • Suzanne Elizabeth Moore, Independent
  • Lee Robert Nelson, Independent
  • Jean Thompson, Independent
  • Michael Thompson, Independent*

I will be publishing an article about each of the candidates over the coming weeks so if you are standing for election of know one of the people who is please ask them to email me on admin@wilmslow.co.uk so I can get in touch.

*Current Councillor.

2019 Local Elections

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