Airport plans for additional 2700 long stay parking spaces


Manchester Airport has applied for planning permission to development land within its Operational Area which lies to the south west of Wilmslow Old Road and and to the west of the Aviation Viewing Park.

The scheme includes the development of a combined bussing and motor transport service centre consisting of a motor transport building, a bus washing building and a public long stay car park providing 2,700 spaces.

Manchester Airports Group's proposal also includes amendments to the layout of Wilmslow Old Road and the demolition of four 2 bedroom residential properties, known as Vicarage Cottages, which are owned by the airport.

If approved the new facilities would replace the airport's bussing operation, which was was temporarily relocated to the World Freight Terminal in May 2016, and the airport's existing motor transport facility which is located within Hangar 4 at the World Freight Terminal. According to the airport this building has structural issues and a review has concluded that the cost required to re-furbish and maintain the facility to a suitable standard in the long term would be un-economical.

Documents submitted to Manchester City Council state "There is an obvious synergy in locating the bussing operation and motor transport facility together given the same services and amenities that they both require. Co-locating them will create a more efficient use of land and will eliminate the movement of buses between two different sites."

According the MAG the provision of car parking capacity at the airport is at a lower rate than the growth in passenger numbers with around 72% of passengers currently still using the car, with either driving themselves and parking or being picked up and dropped off by others including by taxi.

The application states "These latter methods have a far greater traffic generation impact. After public transport access, the best means of reducing impacts of movements on the road network by private car is through the provision of on-site car parking. This can, if correctly priced, provide an attractive alternative to 'drop-off' and 'pick-up' activity, which generates twice the number of road trips than parking at the Airport.

"This activity is still the predominant means of accessing the Airport and if we are to maintain efforts to discourage drop-off and pick-up then sufficient on-site parking capacity needs to be available."

The plans can be viewed on Manchester City Council's planning portal by searching for planning reference 122638/FO/2019.


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Jonathan Hayes
Wednesday 6th March 2019 at 4:44 pm
If approved ???? What a laugh! As if they wouldn't get approved seen as the planning seems to always favour the airport anyway. Any outside interests in offering an airport parking service are always refused due to planning and yet the airport seem to get permission for whatever they require.
"This can, if correctly priced, provide an attractive alternative to 'drop-off' and 'pick-up' activity" - Ha ha ha Since the airport have made it compulsory to pay regardless of dropping off or picking up!! Does the airport know what "correctly priced" means?? All they seem to do is monopolise all the services that people who use the airport to make money at every possible opportunity. Has the airport ever heard of healthy competition - I don't think so!!!
David Smith
Wednesday 6th March 2019 at 5:12 pm
You can park in Wilmslow for two days for £11.20. Have a look at this link: for "Turn Up And Park" at Manchester Airport where the cost for two days is [tell me if I'm mistaken] £80. So it won't be long before the word gets round that parking in Broadway Meadow for two days and getting a return train to the airport from the nearby station will save a tidy sum. Or you could park your car anywhere on the roads (down YOUR street) or on a grass verge where there are no double yellow lines for as long as you want - for absolutely £NOTHING and take the train or taxi for your flight. Last year there was a car parked on Manchester Road opposite Hill Top for several days apparently whilst the owner had flown from the airport. They could also have gone away by train for the weekend. This shows what absolute Wallies our councillors are in coming up with a working scheme to stop someone treating the town of Wilmslow as a car park for anywhere else! The only scheme would be for more Wilmslow streets to be resident parking only (with a displayed permit for visitors). Anyone else cannot park there. This way we can designate OUR streets primarily for the parking of residents and everyone else can pay in a car park.
It remains to be seen what system our councillors (who are up for election on May 2nd 2019 and presumably want YOUR vote) have in mind to make all these out-of-town motorists pay to leave their cars in the proposed new car parks instead of clogging up YOUR streets. Vote them out, I say - which is what I intend.
It is possible to park near the airport for less than £40 per day but some of the parking areas are a fair distance from the terminal and Wilmslow isn’t therefore such a worse alternative as you may think.
Nicola Storer
Thursday 7th March 2019 at 12:27 am
David Smith you hit the nail on the head!
Graham Shaw
Thursday 7th March 2019 at 4:03 pm
It all comes down to cost - if you can get a taxi to and from the airport for less than the price of parking at the airport itself, why would you do anything else?

There is no way that the airport can hope to tackle the number of pick ups and drop offs if the price of parking far exceeds the cost of taxis and I can't see any way in which the cost could be made less.

Apart from banning taxis altogether or banning private cars (i.e relatives and friends) from coming close to the airport then they just have to accept that traffic is and always will be a problem. Charging doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.

Instead of building another car park, they should build a terminal for taxis (or private vehicles) and then ensure that they lay on plenty of buses to get you to and from the terminal, especially at peak times.
Laurie Atterbury
Thursday 7th March 2019 at 11:26 pm
Fast becoming a parking corporation and visitor attraction with option to fly somewhere. I still think it ridiculous that you have to pay a fee to pick up somebody from the railway station even if they’ve not used the airport.
Vince Chadwick
Friday 8th March 2019 at 10:33 am
The airport is well served by rail, but almost exclusively from Manchester! There is only one train an hour to the airport from Wilmslow.

Room for improvement there, I think.
David Smith
Friday 22nd March 2019 at 11:41 pm
Manchester Airport is a very poor design from an operational point of view - that is the movement of aircraft from and onto the runways. The layout of the two runways is so inefficient and operationally a headache. Manchester Airport 'lost the plot' when it decided to build Terminal 2 where it is instead of somewhere else. The addition of another runway so close to the existing one was the final nail in the coffin for an efficient and well-run airport with a bright future. Ask any pilot how Manchester Airport compares to other airports in Europe from an operational point of view - getting aircraft in and out. I don't think many will score it highly. Having a railway station on the airport sounds like a good idea - but not when you look at other airports to see THEIR railway stations. About 25 years ago I arrived at Frankfurt airport by train to take a flight. I got off the train, went UP an escalator and guess what? I found myself IN the departure area with check-in desks right in front of me! So what does Manchester Airport do when they decide to extend their terminal and include a train station? They put it equidistant from all of the terminals instead of continuing the line underground in a loop with a platform underneath each terminal just like in Frankfurt. This would also provide a means of connecting all the terminals for passengers transiting between them and the bus/train stations. Instead the airport designers decided to let everyone walk.
The airport has sprawled across the local area and turned into an expensive car park that will soon impinge on Wilmslow. I notice our councillor Don Stockton is a member of the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee. What does that involve then - on our behalf - and what influence does he have on what the airport gets up to?
In my opinion, Heathrow has greatly outgrown itself and should have moved years ago to a better location as did Munich and Athens, the only two completely new airports in Europe, I think, in the recent past. In the UK the only airport capable of being turned into a well-designed layout is Stansted.