Becoming a personal trainer in Manchester


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In 2018, it was reported that the UK's health and fitness industry was worth over £5bn and for the first time, the number of gyms hit 7,000. That means that 1 in 7 adults in the UK is the member of a gym. All this points to the simple fact that there has never been a better time to get into the fitness industry, and where other than the UK's second city, Manchester.

When it comes to the various roles available within fitness, there's one that stands heads and shoulders above all else in terms of mainstream popularity and earning potential and it's that of a personal trainer. Now if you've ever been to a gym, health club or leisure centre, you probably have a vague idea about what a trainer does. You're probably also keenly aware of the many negative stereotypes surrounding the job itself. Some may wrongly assume that all personal trainers do is stand next to a client while they exercise, clipboard or iPad in hand, occasionally muttering words of encouragement.

The truth of the matter is that personal trainers have the ability to get into clients' heads and change lives. When it comes to exercise and nutrition advice, trainers have the potential, on a day-to-day basis, to be more influential than members of the medical community. Of their many responsibilities, PTs typically involve themselves with:

  • Tracking and recording progress of clients 
  • Creating meals plans and giving functional nutrition advice 
  • Designing effective exercise programmes 
  • Coaching safe and correct exercise techniques 
  • Assisting clients with setting realistic short, medium and long-term goals

So that covers what a personal trainer does and if you're sat there thinking that is your dream job and you'd like to the follow in the footsteps of the UK's best personal trainers, here's what you have to do next.

If you're brand new to the fitness industry then the first place you need to start is the Level 2 Gym Instructor course. From here, the next stage is to advance to Level 3 Personal Training and this is where the fun really starts as you'll be able to work with clients on a one-to-one basis.

In terms of where personal trainers can find work in Manchester, naturally there are so many gyms and health clubs to choose from, but it doesn't stop there. CrossFit boxes, personal training companies, outdoor bootcamps and even places of education such as schools, colleges and universities are all incredibly exciting places to work.

Your first choice for personal training courses in Manchester should be HFE. Not only do you get access to unlimited email and phone support from a dedicated support tutor, but students also benefit from bespoke online learning resources, print and digital manuals, bonus content from the likes of Matt Roberts and Ben Coomber, and access to CV Connect - a new online recruitment solution which directly connects PT graduates with Manchester's best fitness employers.

For more information about HFE's personal training courses, call 0800 612 4067 or visit our website.