Scouts scale new heights in Handforth

Almost 100 Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Explorer Scouts from local groups came to Handforth's Scout HQ last week to use the climbing walls in an attempt to scale the equivalent of the height of Mount Snowdon (a colossal 1085 metres) in just one evening.

Groups of the local girls and boys, aged between 6 and 18, completed the attempts on a series of evenings on 20th, 21st and 24th February, as part of their Adventure Challenge Badge by ascending the 7-metre climbing walls at the venue on Old Road, Handforth.

For the really accomplished and brave climbers, the Snowdon challenge on its own wasn't enough: they also made the ascent blindfolded or managed the challenging overhang.

As well as honing their climbing ability, Scouts and Explorers had the chance to try out their belaying skills - controlling the ropes for the climbers' ascents and descents, having recently been trained by experienced Scout leaders.

The events had been organised by local leaders to celebrate February's YouShape Month, a nationwide Scouting initiative where young people design the activities they participate in, make more decisions and take on leadership roles.

Assistant District Commissioner (Activities), Ian Ross, said, "We're so proud of the young people who took part in these climbing evenings. We were able to complete the Snowdon challenge and every single member overcame fears, pushing themselves to develop personally and to achieve something special."

Alderley District Commissioner, David Giles, said, "Ian and the local leaders have facilitated a fantastic set of evenings to respond to the suggestions of the young people themselves. They've also helped the older children to take on leadership roles and responsibility through the belaying, which is what YouShape Month is all about: empowering young people to make their own decisions."

As an exciting extra to the climbing session, four Cub Scouts from 4th Wilmslow (United Reformed Church) Group made their Cub Scout Promise while actually on the climbing wall and their Akela (Mark Adamson) climbed the wall to mastermind the ceremony.

Alderley District Scouts

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