Plans for multi-storey at Alderley Park approved

Planning permission has been granted for the next phrase of development at Alderley Park.

The Strategic Planning Board unanimously approved plans for the demolition of Block 156 (which consists of a pump house switch room), the erection of a multi-storey car park and the creation of a mini-roundabout and other roads.

The multi storey car park will provide 2280 parking spaces (including 43 disabled spaces and 12 motorcycle spaces) spread over 7 floors. In addition to the building itself, the proposals include the widening of the access road to the south, and the provision of a mini roundabout linking to the main internal circulation road.

In the report prepared for the meeting, the planning officer concluded "The development is proposed on this brownfield site within the existing Mereside area of Alderley Park, on previously developed land which has planning permission for office development. The proposals are materially larger than the consented scheme and as a precautionary approach it is considered there is an impact on openness and as such would constitute inappropriate development on this Green Belt site.

"However as the report sets out, the impact is only slight, and in any event Very Special Circumstances exist to outweigh any possible harm. The proposed development will assist in rationalising the car parking on the site, and allowing it to be concentrated in two locations at the entrance points to Mereside. This allows for the pedestrianisation of the central site area and as a consequence the improving of its general environment for visitors and users alike, re-enforcing the unique nature of this site.

"The proposals will therefore have positive benefits for pedestrians and site users, which will have knock-on benefits for the site and help build on the success of the site to the area and Borough as a whole. There are also considered to be traffic management benefits from the scheme. The proposals will have a neutral impact on most other issues, including, Amenity, Ecology and Environmental impacts including air quality and contaminated land. There is a slight adverse impact on trees/woodlands, and very minor landscape impacts."

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