Plan to convert offices into apartments for workers at Alderley Park


Alderley Park Limited has applied for prior approval for a proposed change of use of an office at Alderley Park to create additional residential units at the former AstraZeneca campus.

The plan is to build up to 81 apartments at the site of a purpose built office building within the Mereside campus, to the south-east of Radnor Mere. The 5-storey office building is currently vacant, having last been in use, as offices, in June 2017.

The proposed conversion would provide Life Science Key Worker Housing (LSKWH) for those working on the site - enabling the co-location of homes and jobs and housing opportunities for employees who would otherwise not be able to access the housing market in the immediate locality.

Some construction works will be necessary to the external elevations of the building in order to allow for conversion from office to residential so a full planning application will be submitted in due course to obtain permission for these works.

The planning application can be seen on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 18/6058M. The last date for submitting comments is January 9th and a decision is expected by 6th February 2019.

Alderley Park


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Manuel Golding
Friday 21st December 2018 at 7:27 pm
No sooner had Astra Zenica announced it was leaving this site, Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) promptly suggested to the then leader of CEC, Cllr Michael Jones, in a face to face discussion, that the site would be ideal for allowing some housing development therein thus relieving & protecting many acres of Green Belt from the developers' avaricious gazes.
We were told, there & then, that there would be no home development on the site because Vllr Jones & CEC had "other" ideas.

Now what has transpired? Housing development to be sanctioned and long after Wilmslow's Green Belt has been destroyed & sold onto grasping developers.

Prime example - Royal London's fields on Alderley Road.

For whose benefit? Well certainly not the town but yes, certainly for the benefit of the greedy, uncaring Royal London fund managers who stand to "earn" £millions in fund bonuses.

Will we see any of these fund managers exhibiting any communal conscience by putting back into the community some of the vast sums they have "earned" they have greedily & gladly pillaged?

Time will tell but your guess is probably as good as mine!