School children and rotarians join forces to remember our fallen

Children at Styal Primary School teamed up with local rotarians to make 150 Poppies to commemorate the soldiers of Styal and Wilmslow who lot their lives during World War 1.

The Rotary Club of Wilmslow Dean provided materials, such as red felt, black buttons, wire and card, whilst the children foraged in the nearby woods for suitable sticks for making their poppies.

They have spent the past two months in craft lessons firstly making prototypes and then setting up a production line in order to finish the poppies in time for Sunday, 11th November.

Each poppy also has an attached label with the name of a local soldier on one side and the name of the child who made it on the reverse.

Alicia Bellshaw, Deputy Headteacher at Styal Primary School said: "We have 117 wonderful children attending our little school and thanks to Geoff Shelmerdine and members of Rotary Wilmslow Dean we have been very excited for the opportunity to be part of this important and monumental event. Our poppies look incredible in the Memorial Gardens and our children will always remember this project and those who gave their lives for our country."

Photo: Styal Primary children placing their poppies in the first of six brick plant troughs.

Styal Primary School, Wilmslow Dean Rotary Club

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