Survey of parking problems in Wilmslow gets underway


Cheshire East Council has commissioned a survey of parking in Wilmslow, covering the town centre, main roads and residential streets where there is considered to be a problem.

The survey commenced this week and will assess the impact of parking throughout the working day, from 7am to 7pm, covering weekdays and Saturdays. It will be complete and ready for analysis by the end of September.

In a letter to Cllr Martin Watkins (Chairman of Wilmslow Town Council), Councillor Rachel Bailey (Leader of Cheshire East Council), said "The Council has instructed an independent survey contract to compete these work, to ensure there is an impartial approach to assessing parking impacts. (Sic)

"Upon completion of the surveys, we intend to prepare a Wilmslow Parking Review Report, which will set out the identified issues and potential responses to these. This approach will engage local residents, interested parties and the town council in consultation on the possible responses. I expect that officers will engage with the town council to discuss the findings and possible responses to local parking pressures upon completion of the surveys. We are hoping to have a broad conversation about the future of parking provision in Wilmslow whilst working with haste to identify some quick-wins.

"In the short term, we have engaged with Cheshire Police to consider any short term actions that can reduce disruption caused by any obstructive parking. In this regard, I have to be clear that any actions taken must be legal, with due regard to powers conveyed by the relevant road traffic legislation. We are constrained by the fact that the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers are only empowered to enforce existing waiting restrictions. Only the police have the powers to determine whether parking is deemed to be causing obstruction."

Councillor Rachel Bailey added "My expectation is that a final report on parking issues and opportunities in Wilmslow will be prepared by the end of the year,"

Cllr Martin Watkins, Chairman of Wilmslow Town Council, said "Wilmslow Town Council resolved to keep the issue of car parking as a standing item on its agenda to report how much, or how little, progress is made, including consultation with us. The Leader of Cheshire East, along with any officials she wishes to bring, will be invited to attend the January meeting of Council by which time the results of the survey should be known. Cheshire Police has been invited to attend the October meeting of the Community and Order Committee."

Parking, Parking


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Kate Ravenscroft
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 3:46 pm
Independent survey contract = cost to the council tax payer! We know what the issue is, you can see it every day. Just do something. All this does is delay any action.
David Nelson
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 4:04 pm
Come on Wilmslow police. Be pro-active as soon as possible, even with scant resources! Waiting for any council "quick fix" (sic) is going to take months to implement. Thank you.
Howard Piltz
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 4:05 pm
Kate Ravenscroft has hit the nail on the head. WE KNOW what the problem is! FIX IT for heaven's sake. Maybe it would be easier if we went back to the old UDC and keep things local.
David Nelson
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 4:07 pm
Come on Wilmslow police. Be pro-active as soon as possible, even with scant resources! Waiting for any council "quick fix" (sic) is going to take months to implement. Thank you.
Robert Taylor
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 4:10 pm
I feel this is a positive action on the part of the council to tackle a growing issue which is common to most towns and cities. The study should include anonymised travel data from the DVLA as to the origins of private cars which travel into Wilmslow on a daily basis. Analysis can then feed into any future council transport plan making.
Frank Maltby
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 4:35 pm
This has gone worse since the demise of the Traffic Wardens, bring them back!
Gordon Stanley
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 4:53 pm
We don’t need a survey to tell us what the problem is, we, the residents of Wilmslow know what the problem is, it’s thoughtless, selfish drivers.
The answer is simple, double yellow lines or single yellow lines, which ever is appropriate for the area concerned.
David Pearce
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 5:56 pm
Ref. Councillor Rachel Bailey's letter - Quote - "Only the police have the powers to determine whether parking is deemed to be causing obstruction." In that case - to state the bleeding obvious - as far as Alderley Road near the Coach & Four is concerned - why hasn't anything been done yet to deal decisively with this daily thrombosis of 2 way traffic movements??
Jon Newell
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 6:28 pm
Can we please have the location and timing of the Community and Order Committee?
Is this a public meeting?
Are members of the public allowed to speak?
The Police enforcement team need to be guided on what constitutes an obstruction, it seems.
David Jefferay
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 8:37 pm
Jon, 15th October. Yes the public are welcome to attend and there is the usual 10 minutes at the beginning for public to speak.
Peter Evans
Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 10:53 pm
I'm not sure if this could be progressed any more slowly or laboriously. There is a clear and obvious dangerous obstruction every day on Alderley Rd, as has been pointed out above and on other posts on this site. As i pointed out on a previous comment, there are police obstruction signs on Bradford Rd on Alderley Edge, which may be relevant but are hardly in the same league as the issue on Alderley Rd. So, this could and should be sorted tomorrow!
Sarah Wilkinson
Thursday 20th September 2018 at 6:04 am
A white van parked on double yellow lines directly opposite a junction, causing traffic congestion on a busy road. Surely an offence. Where was this? Hawthorn Street, opposite Beech Lane where Wilmslow police station is situated. As we waited to pull round it, a police car came out of Beech Lane and went happily on its way. How long would it have taken for the driver to do something about this obstruction right on his doorstep?
Van Devaney
Thursday 20th September 2018 at 8:33 am
Well, finally. Don't waste more of the people's hard earned money by researching the painfully obvious. You're merely illustrating your ignorance and disconnection with the community. Make an example of the entitled, inconsiderate, me me me, vehicle berks who should either learn some basic respect for others - yes, there are other people on this planet - or stop driving: you're not fit for purpose.
Carol Shawcross
Thursday 20th September 2018 at 3:40 pm
At last some positive action by CEC, but I fear both time and tax payers money are being wasted with this enquiry. It’s obvious to see the problem every single working day - the solution isn’t rocket science for heavens sake! I just hope whilst this enquiry is in progress there isn’t a serious road traffic incident!
Manuel Golding
Friday 21st September 2018 at 6:14 pm
It remains to be seen if this is a positive and responsive process by CEC. Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) has been imploring the CEC Leader. councillors and Highways officers to face up to the increasingly worsening parking situation in & around Wilmslow's town centre. We've all seen the increasing tide coming in and like Canute CEC & its councillors simply thought that looking at the ever increasing daily tide of incoming commuter cars would be enough to satisfy & solve the problem. Well it hasn't been and was never likely to be.
RoW has put ideas to the Leader,hopefully to solve some of the parking deluge, none have been addressed. We ALL know what the problem is. it starts with lack of places to park i.e. car parks, we need a fair price for all day parking, with restrictive on street parking stays (1 to 2 hours) and Residents Only parking roads.
Meanwhile, RoW is exploring possible sites for long stay off street parking. Why hasn't CEC and its Conservative councillors taken the trouble to explore "their" town? These people seem devoid of ideas.
They've been party to destroying the town's and our neighbours Green Belt sites without a care for any resulting, vitally necessary infrastructure and we now see the town heaving under a metal sea of commuter parking, obstructing local council tax payers from parking even near their own homes.
By the way, this will be the third parking survey in Wilmslow in 2 & a half years - the first, when the Leader was questioned by RoW as to progress, answered neither she nor the acting Chief Officer were aware of such a survey; a second survey was supposedly being undertaken in Autumn 2017 at a cost of £60,000 according to the Conservative's own In Touch leaflets (Or should that be renamed "NOT IN TOUCH"?). Again, when the Leader was asked as to progress by RoW, she didn't know anything about it. Does this leadership fill you with confidence?
Time for a big change at next May's CEC elections - RoW will be fielding a team of independent candidates to give you the voter your voice back and to be listened to by your elected representatives. If you wish to join the fight for your voice to be heard, contact RoW on 07930 377778 or 07846 082660.
Buster Wild
Saturday 22nd September 2018 at 1:45 pm
We all know what to do next May. Vote the councillors that don't give a damn out and keep the ones who care about Wilmslow in. Inform your family, friends and neighbours of your decision and enlist their help.
Irene Spawton
Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 6:01 pm
More talk and no action! What a load of waffle when the problems are there to see and easily solvable with a tin of yellow paint.