Friends get muddy in memory of Clean Team founding member

A group of men who became friends almost 30 years ago reunited last weekend to raise money for charity.

Jeremy Hoare and nine of his friends, who are all in their 40s and met whilst at Wilmslow High School, completed a Tough Mudder challenge on Sunday, 9th September, to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of his father Mike Hoare.

Mike who had lived in Wilmslow for 26 years, was a founding member of the Wilmslow Clean Team and formally on the PTA at Wilmslow High School, passed away last October at the age of 70, 15 months after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

Jeremy and his friends decided to raise money towards research in the hope that his son Alfie, who was only 8 months old when his grandfather died, may be spared this horrid illness.

Jeremy explained "Very sadly at the end of 2017 my wonderful dad Mike Hoare passed away after an incredibly cruel fight with Motor Neuron Disease. Unfortunately my dad had the type of MND which effects the Frontal Temporal Lobes. This meant we had to nurse him, as he lost a lot of his personal characteristics, not just physically, but of his personality, which made him who he was.

"It was a couple of years which really tore away at my family but through all this we were supported by the wonderful staff at the MND Association and Salford Royal Hospital, who we cannot thank enough.

"We also took part in research funded by the MND association at Salford Royal, which is identifying the genes which cause MND. This research is already making many breakthroughs in creating gene therapies which could one day give effective treatments for MND. Obviously very personally to me this could mean that my son Alfie's family, could escape the same heartbreak that we have all suffered."

So far the friends have raised £4,740.00. If you would like to donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of his father Mike Hoare you can do so via their JustGiving page.


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