Crimes captured on town's 18 cctv cameras


Wilmslow Town Centre is monitored 24 hours per day using 18 cctv cameras for the detection of crime and to enhance the safety of residents and visitors.

The operation of the system and is undertaken by Cheshire East Council, who capture and retain the images. Wilmslow Town Council agreed to take on the funding of the service in 2014 at a cost of £16,650 per year in order to retain the the coverage that would otherwise have been lost due to budget cuts at Cheshire East Council.

The control centre in Macclesfield works with the police and businesses in identifying potential crime and in gathering evidence.

During the first quarter of 2018 the CCTV cameras in Wilmslow recorded 19 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 4 of damage, I breach, 6 related to drugs or alcohol, 1 fraud, 2 thefts, 8 traffic related incidents and 11 of violence.



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Manuel Golding
Thursday 23rd August 2018 at 11:06 am
Town's CCTV has recorded "8 traffic related incidents"! Is that it? A mere 8?
Every week-day & Saturdays we see in the region of some 20 to 25 traffic offences by the
wanton parking along Alderley Road between the Kings Arms roundabout to opposite the Coach & Four.
Passing traffic is constantly being obstructed with large vehicles, buses & lorries, often having to progress towards the centre via passing on the wrong side of the pedestrian island. This is before we get to the bottle-neck of the right turn into Sainsbury's, danger to cyclists and pedestrian obstruction by pavement parkers.
So come on, some of this obstruction will be captured on CCTV, thus the "incidents" are well in excess of a mere 8 and each & every day.
David Hoyle
Thursday 23rd August 2018 at 6:05 pm
Out of all the crimes captured on camera, how many people did the Police arrest and get a conviction.
Simon Worthington
Thursday 30th August 2018 at 9:09 am
That one could have won at the Edinburgh festival David.
Alan Brough
Thursday 30th August 2018 at 2:28 pm
So, £16650 and no convictions?

One additional Constable patrolling the street would only have to make three arrests per year to provide better value for money than that - and that's not taking into account any crime prevention benefit that could be attributed to actually having a visible and reassuring Police presence in the town.