Public sessions on draft 15-year plan for Wilmslow scheduled


The draft Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan, which will be used to inform planning decisions in the town, is currently undergoing its pre-submission consultation which will will end on August 31st.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek comments from the local community and others whose interests may be affected by the draft proposals made. All comments are important and may influence the final draft plan before a further Statutory Consultation conducted by the Local Planning Authority.

To support the consultation there will be two drop-in sessions at Wilmslow Parish Hall on Cliff Road. The first will take place from 3pm to 7pm on Wednesday 15th August and the second will be held from from 3pm-7pm on Wednesday 29th August.

During the sessions members of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group will be available to discuss the draft plan and address any queries raised. There will also be information boards available to view, as well as hard copies of the draft plan itself.

Brian Donohue, Chairman of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan Team, said "The Draft Neighbourhood Plan is the outcome of gathering views and information from the residents of Wilmslow and translating these into planning policies and aspirations, guiding development of the Town. I would encourage members of the public to attend one of these drop-in sessions to provide feedback to the team."

The draft plan can be viewed on the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan website which also contains details of the process involved and the necessary supporting documentation including a consultation feedback form.

A hard copy of the plan can be seen at Wilmslow Library and at Wilmslow Parish Hall. Hard copies of the feedback form are also available at these locations.

Fuller representations on the draft Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan can also be made by submitting them to: Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan, c/o Wilmslow Town Council, Wilmslow Parish Hall, Cliff Road, SK9 4AA, or via email  by no later than 31st August 2018.

Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan


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David Nelson
Thursday 16th August 2018 at 10:03 am
Does this mean we have to tolerate inconsiderate parking around the streets and main thoroughfares of Wilmslow until 2033???

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