Two Wilmslow residents suffer burns after using petrol to light fires

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With another fine weekend expected firefighters in Wilmslow are reminding residents to think before they pour ignitable liquid on their garden waste fires or barbecues.

The warm weather means people will be out tidying the garden and pruning bushes leaving plenty of garden waste to burn, or simply enjoying a barbecue with family and friends.

Crew Manager Ian Moore said: "When you're trying to light a fire, whether its garden waste, a brazier or barbecue, it's tempting to try and give it a bit of a boost by using a liquid accelerant.

"Last weekend we had two examples of people using petrol, which in the warmer weather vapourises a lot more quickly potentially leaving you standing in a highly flammable invisible vapour cloud.

"As a result of the incidents, the individuals suffered flash burns as the fire made contact with the vapour resulting in a frightening ball of fire. In one incident, the fire spread to the shed.

"Please remember this weekend, no matter how tempting, avoid using petrol or other ignitable liquid such as white spirit - otherwise you could end up spending your sunny weekend in A&E, or worse, rather than relaxing in your garden."


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