Alderley Pilates supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

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This year's Mental Health Awareness Week, sponsored by the Mental Health Foundation, is focussing on STRESS.

Stress can affect anyone be it at school, at work or the product of a busy life or unexpected changes in circumstances.

Sometimes we just need some time out for ourselves to relax properly or some simple tools like learning to breathe correcting.

Deep and rhythmic breathing has been described as nature's tranquilliser and is a fundamental part of the Pilates method. Indeed Joseph Pilates said "Before any benefit can be derived from physical exercise one must first learn to breathe properly. Our very life depends upon it. "

When we get stressed our breathing tends to get quicker and more shallow and we tend to tense our muscles particularly around our shoulders. Our volume of breath tends to get less and we don't exhale fully.

However deep and rhythmic breathing is a fundamental part of the Pilates method and all Body Control Pilates trained teachers are especially trained in this aspect of the Pilates method. Pilates itself is an accessible form of exercise with an emphasis on correct alignment (or posture), deep rhythmic breathing and building core strength and stability. The emphasis on correct alignment means "being in the moment" with movement and so a class is absorbing and takes your mind away from other things. Clients feel both relaxed and energised at the end of a class.

Alderley Pilates has recently added a Pilates and Mindfulness class on Wednesdays at 11.15 taught by former ballet dancer Lyndsey Thomas and its a deeply relaxing class based around simple Pilates exercises.

We are happy to offer free trial places in this class during May and Jan Bowen Studio Director say " if you are new to Pilates we are happy to offer a trial class at other times, day, evening and Saturday"

Please visit our website, email or call 01625 860475.

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