Fitness club evacuated due to chemical leak

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A fitness club was forced to close on Friday, 13th April, due to a chemical leak.

Members and staff were evacuated from Total Fitness on Wilmslow Way, Handforth during the afternoon and the club remained closed for the rest of the day.

A spokesperson for Total Fitness said "This is due to a mechanical failure causing a chemical leak which was contained in the plant room. The closure is in line with health and safety protocol and procedures were followed to ensure no danger to our members and staff."

Three fire crews attended the incident at 5.20pm following reports of a leak involving sodium bisulphate mixed with sodium hyper chlorite.

A spokesperson for the fire service said "An evacuation of the premises was carried out and the product removed from the site. Decontamination and ventilation then took place by fire service personnel, using two breathing apparatus and gas tight suits.

"Two casualties were conveyed to hospital and crews were in attendance for just under four hours."

The gym re-opened as normal today (Saturday, 14th April) however the hydrotherapy pool and physio pool remain closed and the babies swimming classes were cancelled.

Total Fitness