Souper support despite the weather

Despite the bad weather, Wilmslow Wells for Africa held another successful souperday at Wilmslow Methodist Church on Saturday, 3rd March.

They considered cancelling event but decided to go ahead as temperatures appeared to be rising, fully expecting fewer people to come through the doors because of the cold weather.

However, over 150 people braved the wintry conditions to enjoy the homemade soup and bread, meaning only one pint of soup was left at the end of the event.

The cake stall was laden with an impressive display thanks to Fulshaw WI's contribution and the many others who had turned their hand to baking some delicious cakes, which were quickly sold.

With the addition of the raffle, the ever popular event raised £1448.

Jenny Gibbs, Chair of Wilmslow Wells said "We were also able to share the news that last week we had received a photograph of the first school latrines funded by WWfA. We would want to thank our wonderful supporters for coming out on what was still a bitterly cold day and for making Souperday such a memorable event."

Souperday, Wilmslow Wells for Africa


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Joan Potts
Friday 9th March 2018 at 9:48 am
Well done to all the lovely ladies,they work so hard.
Oliver Romain
Friday 9th March 2018 at 2:30 pm
Soup and cakes were lovely. Look forward to the next one.