New organ ready for debut performance


After many months of waiting the new pipe organ at St Bartholomew's Church is finally complete and ready for its debut performance.

A gala opening recital will be given at 3pm on Saturday 10th March by Roger Fisher of Chester Cathedral.

Organist Philip Underwood said "Roger has chosen a delightfully varied programme of music lasting an hour which will clearly demonstrate the power and versatility of the new instrument. The organ playing console can be moved around the church and the audience will have a clear view of the performer at work."

The organ has been built by York Pipe Organs and work began in their workshops in January 2017. The organ has been steadily taking shape in St Bartholomew's since October. It has 3 rows of playing keys and footpedals and a total of 42 speaking stops. It is equipped with all the latest technology to make control of such a large instrument easy to manage.

A year long programme of recitals has been arranged to celebrate the new organ.

Admission to the gala opening recital at St Bartholomew's is free and there will be a retiring collection.



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Desmond Williams
Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 7:46 pm
I urge anyone who is interested in superb sounds in a suitable space to come to the organ recital on Saturday to do so.Not only will it be very impressive performance but the new
organ would be quite at home in a cathedral,congratulations to Philip the organist and those
building this wonderful instrument.Do come for an exciting experience.
Desmond Williams.