More than 75 people caught using their phones at the wheel


More than 75 people in Cheshire were caught using a mobile phone at the wheel during a national week of action.

Officers from Cheshire Police were on the lookout last week for people who were scrolling through social media, texting or taking a call whilst driving.

Those drivers who were caught are now facing the prospect of a £200 fine, six points on their licence and potentially an increase in their car insurance premium.

Inspector Steve Griffiths, from Cheshire's Roads Policing Team, said: "I've investigated many serious and fatal crashes in my career and have seen an increase in the number of incidents involving mobile phones being used at the wheel.

"This isn't just about issuing tickets. Those who have been fined might just have been checking for a message or taking a quick call but that distraction could be enough for you to kill someone. It isn't worth having that on your conscience and facing a prison sentence."



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Oliver Romain
Wednesday 31st January 2018 at 5:32 pm
Drop in the ocean. Name and shame them and increase fines to meaningful levels. £200 is not enough.
Simon Worthington
Thursday 1st February 2018 at 11:24 am
The penalty should be an immediate, on the spot 28 day ban leaving the guilty the problem of getting their vehicle home. The right to refuse the 28 day ban and proceed to court should be an option with the ban inceased to 6 months if found guilty in court.
Should focus the minds of the self important, very busy types.