Plans for 161 new homes off Dean Row Road

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Plans have been submitted for a residential development at Heathfield Farm, off Dean Row Road in Wilmslow.

Taylor Wimpey are seeking planning permission to build 161 homes on a previously undeveloped greenfield site that was released from the Green Belt following adoption of the Cheshire East Local Plan.

The 6.4 ha site is owned by Taylor Wimpey and the majority of it has been allocated for residential development in the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy (CELPS) as Site LPS 57. However, a small area of land to the south of the allocation, which is safeguarded for future development [Policy LPS58] is included within the application boundary for drainage and landscaping.

The scheme includes 161 dwellings, associated access, drainage, and the provision of public open space and landscaping.

The development will comprise a broad range of house types including townhouses, semi-detached, detached houses and apartments.

The proposal is for 12 one and 12 two bedroom apartments, which will be affordable, along with 14 two bed affordable semis, 74 three bedroom houses, of which ten will be affordable, 35 four and 14 five bedroom houses.

Vehicular access to the development will be provided from the existing roundabout on Dean Row Road with pedestrian links onto Brown's Lane and Dean Row Road.

If approved the development is expected to commence in 2018 and the construction period is likely to last 4 years.

The plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 17/5637M. The last date for submitting comments is 4th January 2018 and a decision is expected by 28th February 2018.

Planning Applications


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Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 3:16 pm
Re "If approved .... the construction period is likely to last 4 years". The documents submitted qualify this statement with "subject to market conditions". In other words the build can be strung out indefinately if the early phases don't sell at the prices they want to charge. A win, win situation.
Barry Stafford
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 3:28 pm
As usual few low priced properties 38 out of 161.All these developers. Wilson, Jones ,Taylors. Keep building large 4/5 bed to get the big profits.The area is crying out for more affordable,to buy and to rent.Baz
Graham Shaw
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 3:31 pm
Wonderful , can't wait for another 161 houses to be built on our ugly green fields. This plan is based on the sound principles already adopted on other schemes in the area, with no schools, shops, doctors, basic infrastructure and with traffic entering onto a road which has very little traffic on it. I can't see what the problem is with the local residents............'said CEC'.

There is nothing to say other to make up things like the above as CEC love to engage with the community, but rarely take any notice of its wishes.

What an utterly bonkers part of the country we live in!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 4:04 pm
Baz - there are 1 and 2 bedroomed apartments situated on Dean Row Road which I think are part of the affordable allocation. They are not shown on the "Entrance Street Scenes" because you only get the larger houses on that. They are set out facing Dean Row Road, barracks style, complete with bin store at the side of their entry road. The people who occupy these will have a lovely view of the beautiful apartments on the opposite side of Dean Row Road called "Hunters lodge" as they go in the main entrance to this new estate.
Mark Goldsmith
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 5:42 pm
Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the junction at the A34 just down the road from there to be widened to ease the tailbacks.

The money is in place from the Bollin Park development but despite Toni Fox, our local independent councillor pushing for a date for this work, our glorious Cheshire East highways department cant be bothered.

No, they are far to busy massaging ancient road traffic figures to ensure these developments can get built. Then their Cheshire East masters can cash in on the land sales, get extra council tax and siphon off the governments New Homes Bonus that should be going into Wilmslow instead.

Cheshire East will then ask you for a 4.9% rise in Council Tax next year, so you can start to pay for some of the infrastructure needed to support all these new houses. Of course, they won't tell you this is why they need the price rise, but then when did Cheshire East ever tell you the truth?
Clive Cooksey
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 6:12 pm
Graham Shaws piece earlier is spot on. Everyone should go round with their iphones when they are not eyeballing them as they walk blindly across zebra crossings without thinking to look. They should use them to take pictures of the declining greenery around here, and you can show them to the grandchildren, and explain what green fields are, and how they used grow crops, cattle and sheep to feed us.
Janet Taylor
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 8:24 pm
Wow that's now a new development in every direction from my house, just read CEC's Housing Strategy which actually contradicts everything they are doing at the current time. I'm guessing they're ok tho because all these green fields will have gone by the time it's published. Lived in this area all my life, not much longer I don't think. So sad that Cheadle Royal to Alderley Edge will be one huge housing estate.
Marc Staples
Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 10:32 pm
This plan is absolutely mad! The traffic on Dean Row road is terrible in the evening and early morning backing up all the way to the roundabout at the Shell garage. Where are all these new residents children going to go to school ?
As for affordable housing its a joke . I have saved all my life to live in a nice area and lived in cheaper areas with no help from anybody. Why should there now be affordable housing in the area ? Move somewhere cheaper and do what everyone else has done and work your way up the property ladder.
CEC council seem to grant planning permission for all these developments without proper consultation with the local community.
The local council seems to be run by people who should have retired years ago and are all paid up members of the old boys club. Maybe they will all get a new villa in Spain for the New Year !
Simon Worthington
Thursday 7th December 2017 at 10:36 am
My thoughts exactly Marc. Handforth is full of affordable (ex social) housing from when the three eyesore estates were bunged up 1950-1980 ruining what was probably a pleasant village surrounded by green fields (ring any bells). The studio apartments and quartz homes Jones built in the early 1980s are available along with plenty of affordable property in Macc, Heald Green etc. Wilmslow was a place to aspire to live but with the 900 houses being built by 2030 (stop laughing at the back) will anyone aspire to live here in the future. I understand that building has slowed on the Woodford aerodrome site as sales are now hard to come by. Perhaps it has dawned on potential buyers that there is one way in and one way out and as kids will have to schlep to Macc/Knutsford for school perhaps it is not the place to buy.
Steven Kingsby
Thursday 7th December 2017 at 11:33 am
I fully agree with Marc and the others against this.
I live on Handforth road and this side of Wilmslow has been absolutely ruined by all the extra housing that has been built (and going to be built) on this side of Wilmslow.
Noticed for the last couple of weeks the men in High-Vis jackets measuring up on the land by the side of the fishing ponds on my road, what next? build on the roundabouts??
James MacDonald
Thursday 7th December 2017 at 1:05 pm
Super, we don’t have enough plans to build houses on greenfields. Google will need to come back and film Wilmslow so the maps remove the greenery.
Terry Roeves
Friday 8th December 2017 at 9:20 am
Wilmslow house buyers mostly don’t work in Cheshire East. It’s a better alternative for many than living in GMC, despite the shocking traffic jams on the A34 and M56. It was dreadful two decades ago and nothing, absolutely nothing has eased the situation. Now we have the A6 bypass opening shortly and GMC looking to build 14,000 houses from High Lane to Altrincham approx.
I hope that somebody will be able to correct anything that I have misunderstood over the years.
Laurie Atterbury
Friday 8th December 2017 at 9:33 am
No problem as many of these houses are not affordable anyway.....
Marc Staples
Friday 8th December 2017 at 6:42 pm
Is there a public hearing about this or have the palms already been greased ? By building more homes in my area you are de valuing my house and everybody else's, Its a case of supply and demand and the larger the supply the less the demand!!!!!
The less demand and the prices will fall. You will also turn the area into one big housing estate separated by only the odd road. The green spaces are vanishing at a rapid rate of knots so god help my children there will soon be know where left to play and grow up.