Man hit by car suffers suspected broken hip and foot


A 61-year-old man was hit by a car at the junction of Chapel Lane and Alderley Road at 8.40 this morning (Wednesday, 9th November).

The pedestrian suffered a suspected broken hip and foot and was taken to hospital.

Sergeant John O'Driscoll said "There are no further updates on his injuries.

"The vehicle involved was seized for potential examination."

Alderley Road, Chapel Lane


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Pete Taylor
Monday 13th November 2017 at 8:49 am
Not relevant to this particular unfortunate incident but perhaps another accident is waiting to happen? Yesterday evening I noticed that none of the lights on the reservation shown in the photo, i.e. top globe, blue direction arrows and both bollards were working. In addition the lighting column just out of shot on the left was not working, making this a very dark area.

As this crossing is used by hundreds of kids going to and from the High School and as there is continued pavement obstruction by cars and vans, would it not make sense to get some double yellow lines installed, from the roundabout at Fulshaw Cross to Chapel Lane? I contacted the Police about the obstruction of the footpath by builders vans several months ago, after witnessing a coach struggling to get between the reservation and a parked van. The PCSO informed me that nothing could be done and that parking on the footpath was not an offence.

The Ward CED Councillor has great experience of getting yellow lines installed, perhaps he could expedite this matter before a child is injured; or worse?

I have reported the lighting issues to "Fix my Street", they will contact CEC within 24 hours; let's see how long it takes the contracted-out "Highways Dept" to fix the lighting.
David Hoyle
Monday 13th November 2017 at 10:56 am
I have also contacted the police about vehicles parked half on road half on footpath on Alderley Road.they said they were dealing with it .The pcso is wrong.parking on footpath can be classed as causing an obstruction.