Reunion planned for 1968 school boy's football team

Football v Holland 1968

A former school boy's football squad is planning a 50 year reunion and looking to track down the last few missing teammates.

In April 1968 Hough Secondary Modern School in Wilmslow played host to a team from Haarlem, Holland. Nearly 50 years on Adri, a member of the Dutch team started to search for team members and began planning a reunion.

Peter Jennings explained "We need some help in finding one or two people - some from the team that played the exciting games and others who took part and hosted some of the Dutch guys."

They are trying to trace team players Tony Smith, David Roberts and Garth Walker along with hosts David Head, Philip Groves, Bill Furby and Brian Welch.

Peter added "Hopefully this appeal will help to find the missing people who were involved 50 years ago, a great memory to be relived!"

If you can help find any of the missing men please contact Peter Jennings on 01270 764833.


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