Take 10 on the 10th October for your Mental Health

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The 10th October 2017 is World Mental Health Day and local business, Talent HR and Recruitment are celebrating this year's theme - Workplace Wellbeing - by running local Mental Health First Aid taster sessions and 2 day courses for businesses and employees across the North West.

Accredited by the Gold Standard MHFA England Talent's Founder, Katie Bancroft, delivers the course providing advice to all to supporting mental wellbeing in and out of the workplace.

Talent have being delivering courses to national and local organisations throughout 2017 and have an impressive number of testimonials as well as many local businesses booked for future courses.

The full 2 day course promotes awareness, symptom recognition and care options to prevent, guide and offer post event support for mental health issues.

Just as we all have days where our physical health is not 100%, mental health is the same and needs just as much care and consideration. The physical cannot survive without the mental and this is one of the key messages Talent are keen to project throughout their course deliveries.

To help in this significant month, Talent have offered some tips as great starters for a healthy mind as follows.

10 ways to a healthy mental wellbeing...

1. Take a breath, 4 in and 4 out aiming to clear your mind and focus only on your breathing. Whenever your mind is full or you need time out,
2. Move. Even if it's a walk upstairs or around the office, move and stretch – once an hour is ideal if you can (your turn to make tea... again!!)
3. Be creative. Do you remember what you used to enjoy as a child? Or do you fancy getting stuck into something new and fun? Think about a time when you have been actively involved in a creative activity and see if you can recapture that!
4. Get social. Talk to your friends, pick up the phone or if you have lost touch, join a local group whether that be at a gym, leisure group or an online group.
5. TURN IT OFF. Take time to turn off the tech and in that time, focus on you, your surroundings and the small things you may miss if your face is glued to your phone. Limit yourself to (for example) 8pm to have your phone on.
6. Give back. Giving is proven to be as good for our health as receiving; even if you smile and hold a door, help someone less able or compliment someone – just once a day and you will feel the benefit.
7. Do it differently. Our brains like the challenge and stimulation of new ways or methods. It may be a different route to work, a different way of planning your day or a different routine. Try something different!
8. Treat yourself. It doesn't have to be expensive, it could be a nice long bath, picking up a book you bought years ago or writing to yourself about all of the things you like about you.
9. Clear the clutter. Tidy your desk, clear out that cupboard where everything that doesn't have a home goes or move your wardrobe and consider taking to charity items you haven't worn in the last 5 years.
10. Write 10. List 10 things that went well, or worked in the day. It may as small as getting to work on time, getting a great tasting lunch or as big as getting a thank you. Think hard enough and they will be there.

For any local businesses looking to take advantage of the current course offers and understand more about mental health first aid in the workplace, please contact Katie or Alison at Talent on 01625 402118 or at hello@talenthr.co.uk.

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