Developer plans for 172 homes on Wilmslow Green Belt

A planning application for a new residential development on land north of Stanneylands Road, behind Wilmslow Garden Centre, is being prepared.

David Wilson Homes is proposing to build approximately 172 homes on Green Belt land which is included in the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy as a site suitable for up to 200 homes.

The Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy is anticipated to be adopted before the end of July. The Stanneylands Road site is identified as one of four sites in Wilmslow that are suitable for new homes.

It is envisaged that an application will be submitted later in the summer, following the adoption of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy towards the end of July, but in the meantime the company is inviting feedback on the emerging proposals from the local community.

In addition to building 172 homes the proposals include publicly accessible open space with a trim-trail and fitness or play equipment. Additionally there will be a new foot and cycle link between Stanneylands Road and Handforth, including a new bridge across the River Dean.

David Wilson Homes is proposing a range of homes, including detached houses, some townhouses and a small number of apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms.

A spokesperson for DWH said "The new development would look and feel similar to that delivered by DWH at Bollin Park on Adlington Road. It will include open market aspirational homes, as well as 30% affordable homes as required by Council policy, which may be particularly suitable for first time buyers or those looking to rent."

A three-armed roundabout will be put in place to access the site from Stanneylands Road and in order to minimise disruption during construction Stanneylands Road will be widened and upgraded near the site access.

A cycle and pedestrian link to Manchester Road from the site will also be created, providing access to the public open space to the north of the site.

A spokesperson for DWH aded "During discussions with local residents and community groups, who kindly made their considerable expertise available, it became clear to us that this development presents an opportunity to protect and enhance local wildlife in a green neighbourhood.

"Detailed ecology and tree surveys are being carried out to ensure the design of the development respects the biodiversity of this site. For example the development will include a buffer zone alongside the valleyside woodland which drops down to the River Dean. Elsewhere the avenue of trees leading north from Stanneylands Road will be incorporated into the landscape framework for the scheme."

Additionally a wildlife corridor will separate Carlton Avenue from the development, creating a buffer of between 5m and 10m, which will be closed to the public in order to protect the local wildlife.

Whilst land to the north of the site across the River Dean will remain in the Green Belt and is not proposed for development.

Local residents are being invited to give their feedback on the emerging proposals before 5pm on 26th July. 

David Wilson Homes, Little Stanneylands, Stanneylands Road


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Friday 21st July 2017 at 9:53 am
Meanwhile there are some beautiful looking houses at Woodford.
Jon Williams
Friday 21st July 2017 at 11:32 am
Cheshire East new moto "If it's green - build on it"
Nick Jones
Friday 21st July 2017 at 12:56 pm
@ Jackie , Jon; I’m not sure of the infrastructure to be built at Woodford, I suspect it won’t include Secondary Schools , Surgeries etc …. Meanwhile, The “if its green –build on it “ motto is quite fitting for the mentality demonstrated on these pages by The YIMBY’s (Yes in My Back Yard) and COGS (Concrete Over Green Spaces) campaigners… I think their Chairman is a more than regular contributor and will no doubt not let us down and add the usual rhetoric shortly… The dormitory suburb of Wilmslow whilst remaining a diverse place to reside, on the edge of an ever dwindling, desecrated green belt remains subject of Financial attack with CEC demonstrating its own active YIMBY’s and COGS credentials many times over; Non-compliance to Govt planning policy ignoring the ‘exceptional circumstance’ criteria re green belt / Ignoring Brownfield development / Local Plan engagement demonstrably dismissed / Adlington “Never build on these fields” Road / Cllrs voting to remove Green Belt protection / Develop R/L site etc... Profit is not one of the 'exceptional' reasons that land can be removed from ‘Green belt’ in the NPPF framework. The PM herself ( whilst clenching on to power by her fingernails) recently reaffirmed a Conservative commitment to protect green belt, Yet it appears our Lyme Green Cllr and others @ CEC demonstrate a contrary position… In balance I‘ve still not seen any evidence of any CAVE ( Citizens Against Virtually Everything) BANANAS (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone), NIMBY ( Not in my Back Yard), NIABY ( Not in Anyone’s Back Yard) or NOPE (Not on Planet Earth) submissions from residents, and there is most definitely no LULU contribution (Locally Unwanted Land Use) If there was I’m sure the Travellers or Developers would have seized or land banked that opportunity already… No One objects to Proportionate Meaningful Appropriate development, but constant eradication of Green belt and common sense, coupled to the uncontrollable Land Banking by developers merely adjourns urban sprawl, under developers fiscal control not any CEC requirement… Many with a sense of community, don’t want to live in a City, they made a choice to live here. If green fields and the geographic location of Wilmslow isn’t for you, Lonsight, Ancoats and Cheetham Hill offer concrete views in abundance. I suspect however there’s no conviction in the words of those YIMBY’s and COGS who merely want to drown the green with their grey vision .. None of the recent [+ ongoing] developments have been for ‘affordable’ houses.. As always Its just about the money.
Derek Smith
Friday 21st July 2017 at 1:39 pm
Fantastic news for anyone looking to buy a house in Wilmslow. Get them built!
Roger Bagguley
Friday 21st July 2017 at 4:23 pm
Now is Derek Smith really Ryan Dance or has Ryan got a new mate in his concrete jungle?
Derek Ferguson
Friday 21st July 2017 at 9:33 pm
At peak times the queue at the traffic lights from Stanneylands road can stretch back to the hotel from the main road. The local infrastucture in terms of schools, nurseries, roads, etc. simply cannot cope as it is. I'm not against developments and I understand the need for housing but it has to be properly planned and sensibly located. It appears CEC are just building on any green field site they can find.
Ryan Dance
Saturday 22nd July 2017 at 8:00 am
Good morning Roger...funny.

I actually haven't quite made my mind up on this one yet. I'll do some research and respond
Buster Wild
Saturday 22nd July 2017 at 12:05 pm
I hope the developers are planning to widen Stanneylands Road as at the moment it is one-way only near the hotel. This is the only road to the airport between Wilmslow and Heald Green at the moment until the A555 is completed next year. The traffic from the airport is horrendous at times with Lacey Green Road traffic at a standstill, especially at school finishing times. Have the planning top dogs considered existing local residents worries about road safety, or is the extra traffic on this narrow "track" worth the increased rates revenue that will be received from the new expensive houses.
Will the council receive a lump sum from the developers in lieu of not building any affordable homes on this site and what will this money be used for?
Any answers from councillors will be welcome.
Heather Godfrey
Saturday 22nd July 2017 at 2:55 pm
Why are the affordable homes only 70% ownership. ? If you can't afford a mortgage how can you afford a mortgage and rent on the rest. This is not helping young people and first time buyers.
Dave Cash
Sunday 23rd July 2017 at 4:41 am
Heather, I would suggest 'affordable homes' should only be bought at up to x% of market price, with a Covenant stating that they cannot be sold above that price + RPI for next 20 years. Thus LLs can buy for renting out and & no one can sell to make a 'killing' for 20 years.
CEC should require any builder to provide 20% 'affordable housing' across any approved developments in next 5 yrs - 25% if any development involves Green Belt land.
Do not allow Developers to pay to reduce these %.
Reena Kaur
Sunday 23rd July 2017 at 8:02 pm
Having bought a discounted scheme last year and sold it on with in six months. All I can say in my opinion it's a con!!! You end up paying stamp duty on the total amount and not the discounted amount. In addition the properties were over valued. I since bought my second home on Bollin Park... which is not on the scheme however, I do think they need to look elsewhere to build more houses as the road traffic is terriable but they are capitalising on Wilmslow being a sought after area and they can inflate house prices and manlipulate the market.
Also we were told that the park would be having funds invested into it.... nothing has happened as yet!!!
Reena Kaur
Sunday 23rd July 2017 at 10:11 pm
Before the council pass anymore builds they need to ensure that the current roads can cope with the volume of traffic. How long do we need road works on the A34 ?? There are never any builders on the bypass. Why can't they put extra men on there so it can help to ease the traffic?
Barry Stafford
Wednesday 26th July 2017 at 5:30 pm
Why is it all the developments go to Wilson or Jones in this area? We need small mews,flats terraced style for young people and first time buyers.These people wont have 2 or 3 cars.or gardeners ,pool cleaners.Food deliveries.All the trappings of 4/5 bed houses. Currently there is little to buy under £200,000 in the area...WHY. WILMSLOW is now a huge building site.Traffic horrendous. Lack of roads and infrastructure. The planners cant even get the Smms road to the Airport sorted.Thats going from bad to worse.Then we have more developments with the Handfort village. 200 + houses. BAZ
Peter Davenport
Wednesday 26th July 2017 at 8:44 pm
There is one thing re the SEMMS road, to think about.
If You are driving a lorry from Buxton, where all the stone is, and arrive at Hazel Grove, and think, good heavens there are nearly 30 traffic lights to Manchester, I will use the SEMMS road, as the only traffic lights are at Cheadle and Parrs Wood, plus a few more to Manchester. Great I will go on the new road. I await to see the scene.
I pass Parrs Wood regularly, and have noticed that the Metro Car Park is virtually full every day. I enquired from the Metro about this, with the reply first come first served, hard luck. The Metro being a good idea, will be a waste of time, if one cannot park there.