Wilmslow prepares to bloom for judges visit

Final touches are being put in place to ensure the town is looking blooming marvellous for the North West In Bloom judges' visit to Wilmslow next week.

Having scooped Gold for the past 3 years, Wilmslow is not resting on its award-winning laurels but working hard to bring home another Gold award.

The Wilmslow In Bloom team will meet the judges and show them around the town on Tuesday, 18th July.

Ruth McNulty, In Bloom Chair, and Helen Yates, of Incredible Edible Wilmslow and the Wilmslow In Bloom Secretary, will be the guides for the morning, as the judges work their way through Wilmslow, meeting the many businesses who have supported this year's effort and representatives from local organisations along the way.

This year organisers have chosen the theme of "Walk on the Wild Side" which not only celebrates the more formal planting in the town but was designed to encourage people to make the most of wild spaces, wild flowers and to help the habitats of creatures such as hedgehogs, bees and bugs.

The tour will start at Lindow Common again with a walk to Black Lake. The judges will then be taken to The Temp via Moor Lane where they will meet with Garry Olson of Transition Wilmslow. The tour will then proceed to Lindow Parade, Chapel Lane before meeting with members of Wilmslow Clean Team at Bank Square.

From there the judges will walk up Grove Street to to view the school planters and along Alderley Road to view the Incredible Edible planters at South Grove.

The judges will then be brought to The Carrs, stopping on the way to view the 'wilderness' area off Parkway and the pond by the Leisure Centre. Prior to lunch in the park they will be shown the new picnic area and outdoor Rota-Gym.

The judges, Mel Kirby who is coming back again with Julie Norman who hasn't visited Wilmslow before, will then have the chance to chat to all of those involved.

Ruth McNulty, Chair of In Bloom commented “The horticultural, environmental and community activities in Wilmslow that we can demonstrate during a three hour tour only scratch the surface. We will show the Judges the interesting, diverse and precious habitats on Lindow Common and the social and entertaining space on The Carrs. We will be able to demonstrate the activities of some of the 70 businesses who are brightening our streets by using colourful planting. All our primary schools have gardening projects and their planters are on display in Grove Street."

Now in their sixth year of entry, Wilmslow has picked up a Gold award in the Best Large Town category for the past three years in this prestigious horticultural competition.

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Rehana Hindle
Thursday 13th July 2017 at 8:11 am
I hope Wilmslow wins , but Parkway litter and weeds and grass verges destroyed and entrance to Sainsbury's car park from Parkway looks like a sorry state, with litter still and the road sign for Parkway Road needs replacing!!!
Broadway is a little improved recently
Weeds on Roundabouts still!! Litter on A34 in the central part dual carriageway from Alderley edge to handforth dean
East Cheshire paying for Road sweepers and gardening , but not checking if this is done properly
Fairbourne Drive off Knutsford Road weeds near Road edges, looking tired in and around wilmslow generally!!
Grass verges destroyed by Pegeses new development
Badly parked cars on Alderley Road and Holly Road North , and workmen dropping bottles and sandwich wrappings where they park- let's just ignore
Pavements full of chewing gums - let's not clean
I do hope East Cheshire will re-evaluate the contractors it's has and it's time to renew these surely please
Cutting costs doesn't mean having bad contractors who do nothing most of the time or very little
High School children continue to drop litter in and around the roads up the Sainsbury's
I do hope we win as the efforts made by a handful should be rewarded, hopefully the judges won't walk past the 80 % not well kept
Jon Williams
Thursday 13th July 2017 at 10:25 am
It say's Market Town on the road sign, please tell me the location of the market ?
Caroline Barker
Thursday 13th July 2017 at 11:51 am
Is the pear going to be reinstated for this visit - it would be nice to see it upright again.
Pete Taylor
Thursday 13th July 2017 at 3:34 pm
Best "large town"? Now I consider somewhere like Bolton or Blackburn to be a large town, with a large town centre; I would have thought that Wilmslow barely scrapes in as a small town.
Perhaps all the proposed new houses on the green belt have already been included?
Ruth McNulty
Thursday 13th July 2017 at 5:29 pm
The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) employs a uniform definition of 'small' town, 'large' town, 'small' village and so on. Their definition of 'large' town is that it includes a population between 12,000 and 30,000, which is an extremely wide band of occupancy.
Which ever way you cut it - including or excluding Chorley, Styal, Handforth or even Alderley Edge - Wilmslow is well within the RHS definition of a 'large' town.
The Judges are visiting Wilmslow next Tuesday 18 July with a tour starting at Lindow Common and finishing with a buffet lunch on the Carrs from 12.30 to which a number of contributing voluntary groups will have the opportunity to showcase their activities to the continued attractiveness of our town. We hope that the impact not just of the In Bloom team but also those of the numerous partner volunteer groups help to give Wilmslow a more pleasant environment. A fourth Gold Award would be a bonus! Wish us luck.
Ruth McNulty Chair Edible Wilmslow In Bloom
Geoff Shelmerdine
Friday 14th July 2017 at 8:46 am
Well said Ruth and I and many others fully support your wish for a 4th Gold for the town. Pride in where you live costs nothing and volunteering to help maintain our local environment also costs nothing. To those who choose to add negative comments on this site about the efforts of the many volunteer groups in Wilmslow - I say "Roll your sleeves up and show some support for your Town"
Rehana Hindle
Friday 14th July 2017 at 4:52 pm
Nobody has been negative about the efforts of volunteers, we are all proud
We just want the east Cheshire to do more
Thank you