Last chance to have your say on proposed bus cuts


Local residents are being reminded that they have a week left to comment on the Council's proposals to cut subsidised bus services in order to save more than £1.5m - which represents a 43% saving on the current annual supported bus service budget.

The proposed changes to local services include reducing the 88 Knutsford to Wilmslow to Altrincham bus from a half hourly to an hourly service, with all journeys serving Morley Green (currently Morley Green is served every hour rather than half hourly like Bank Square and Wilmslow Rail Station).

Additionally the Council is proposing to cut support for the 200 service from Wilmslow to Manchester Airport which passes through Styal.

The Council is also proposing to discontinue running buses on evenings and Sundays, as these are the least used of the subsidised services. This would result in cutting support for the Sunday 130 service which travels Macclesfield to Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Manchester. The 130 weekday daytime services are provided commercially so they have not been considered as part of the Supported Bus Service Review.

Several readers have contacted us to raise a particular concern that the proposed changes to the timing of the 88 service means that the first bus of the day would arrive in Altrincham at 8:40am which is too late for it to be used by school children and probably too late for many working in that area.

Fred Rayers contacted to say "The proposed time of arrival of the first Knutsford-Wilmslow-Altrincham bus of the day at Altrincham bus station of 8:40, is after the time they must be in school.

"We do not have any real issues over the return to an hourly service always via Morley Green, rather than every 30 minutes, which was never going to be viable, or the loss of early/late bus times which very few (if any) use."

Tim Dale said "These proposed bus service cuts destroy the usefulness of the service as a school bus from Alderley and Wilmslow to the Altrincham schools: Altrincham Grammar schools for boys and girls, St Ambrose etc.

"The proposals cause a few issues but the insurmountable one is that under the proposals the first bus in the morning does not get to Altrincham before the start of regular school, and long after any before school clubs.

"Parents in Wilmslow rely entirely on this public school service as there is no private paid-for alternative, so the proposals could prevent Wilmslow and Alderley pupils attending their first choice of school."

Tim added "An irony of the proposal then is that some of the times which they propose to cut (the first couple of buses of the day) are likely amongst the busiest of the day, filled with school children."

The consultation ends on Wednesday 26th July and the public can give their views online and on paper-based surveys which are available at libraries.

Councillor David Brown, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for highways and infrastructure, said: "Changing the way services operate is always a very complex issue.

"Naturally, the council wants to weigh up the needs of all our service users for such an important consultation, so we are determined to take every possible opportunity to hear what the public has to say.

"We will still be investing more than £2m in subsidised bus services."

You can see the proposals and give your views online or pick up a consultation pack at the library.

Bus Services, Cheshire East Council


Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below.

Vince Chadwick
Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 3:07 pm
It is a backwards step to reduce public transport provision. We have a major problem with the over-use of private cars, leading to our roads being partially blocked for most of the day by cars parked at the roadside. MORE and BETTER public transport would address this, and be better for the environment.

Re-routing the 88 to extend to Northwich and Macclesfield and halving the service frequency is a recipe for the timetable to become a fairy tale. With such unreliability, the service will become unusable and we will get our cars out instead of hopping onto the bus.
Alan Brough
Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 3:26 pm
If we are ever to make any real progress in tackling congestion, parking and the health issues associated with cars, it can only be on the basis of a sustainable and effective public transportation system.

However, CE Council have, at every turn, moved further away from that position by selling-off local transport routes, removing subsidies and watching as the services deteriorate to a point that no one can actually rely upon them for either work or leisure use.

CE Council applaud the coming of HS2 and the myriad benefits that it will bring to "The Northern Powerhouse." but it wont connect to anything other than a motorcar.

They love the buzzword "Connectivity" but in reality they are producing only "Car-nectivity"
Bob Bracegirdle
Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 5:54 pm
Reducing or abandoning services after 1700hrs will be the final nail in the coffin for encouraging commuters from Manchester and Stockport to use the bus home. Late evening may be curtailed if not used but withdrawing services 1800-1900hrs is wrong.

HS2 is a massive waste of money. Needed now? Perhaps - but why did we allow abandoned capacity and routes to be destroyed and built on 40 to 50 years ago? HS2 is over the top. Use some of the cash to rebuild Stockport-Chinley-Matlock-Derby to get the connection to the southern half of the East Midlands (Leicester and Derby) as well as access to St. Pancras and the Chunnel. HS2 terminating at Euston is a joke.
Derek Ferguson
Thursday 20th July 2017 at 7:08 am
Public transport is a great idea but it simply doesn't go where and when you want it. For example if you to go to Cineworld at Didsbury on Saturday evening it's either 15 mins in the car or best of an hour via train and bus. Try getting from Wilmslow to the Trafford Centre by public transport.
Having said that, the roadworks around Wilmslow will make driving around next to impossible anyway.
Jon Armstrong
Thursday 20th July 2017 at 7:22 am
Absolutely agree Derek. Most of the bus routes either replicate routes the train already does faster and more comfortably (e.g. Stockport or Manchester) or go places where it's no wonder there is little demand (e.g. Someone above talking about service to Northwich).