Injured former soldier battles on to set new World Record

A former soldier who was injured in Afghanistan and went on to suffer with serious mental health issues, which included attempting to take his own life on two occasions, is now a World Record Holder.

Following his recovery Wilmslow resident Craig Monaghan pushed himself into sport and has been selected to represent Team UK at the Warrior Games in Chicago next month. He has also have made four appearances for England Deaf Rugby and will be taking part in the upcoming Deaf 7s World Series in Australia later this year.

Last weekend he took part in a World Record Game at Sixway's Stadium, the home of Worcester Warriors, where they played rugby for 31 hours non stop. During which he scored 22 tries, 15 conversions and one 35m drop goal. The final score was: The Fire Fighter's Charity 1603 and Scotty's Little Soldier's 1483.

Craig originally set the World Record back in 2013 when they played for 24 hours and 51 minutes in an all out Scotty's Little Soldier's game, which raised £88,000. This year over £50,000 has been raised for the two charities.

Craig told "Being involved in such a big game again was a great honour and something I was always going to say yes to regardless what I had on. I'd have moved mountains to be there, especially given the two amazing causes we were raising money for. Both fantastic who do amazing work for everyone involved with them but it was also a chance for me to give something back to the community.

"Being involved in the sport at a good level is always something I am grateful for. That is partly why I wanted to be involved to give back but more so because when I was in Afghanistan I made a deal with myself and god that if I survive and make it home I will spend my life doing amazing things and inspiring people to embrace themselves and be a better them and that is what both of these charities are about, helping others get back on their feet following the worst times of their life so it is an honour to be a part of that."

He added "I'll always remember a saying mentioned in the early stages of the game - our pain is temporary, theirs is for the remainder of their lives - and it couldn't be more true and in the tough moments that was what was driving me through.

"Managing to play on with a broken toe, ligament damage to my ankle and a grade 1 tear in my quad for so long was driven by those words. It was what drove me to coming back on the pitch with these injuries following a few hours where I had no choice but to be taken off due to the pain and the management's concerns that I was going to go down in a serious way, but after a huge amount of pain relief, adrenaline and cheers from the crowds I got through it. No regrets even with some time off because of the injuries.

"As hard as it was, I would do it all again to raise the amounts we as a team raised and the amount of pride we got from it. But before anyone breaks the record again and want's me to be apart please let me recover."

Craig Monaghan, Rugby


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Vic Barlow
Monday 22nd May 2017 at 4:09 pm
What a brilliant example for others struggling with personal issues.

The armed forces do not give enough care to those in need usually after very difficult assignments.

Respect Craig you would be worth voting for.