New venue for Wilmslow Show will hopefully bring about a weather change


Following last year's cancellation due to flooding, the town's annual show, which is now in its 105th year, is moving to a new location.

For the past 16 years the Wilmslow Show has been held, free of charge, at Wilmslow High School but unfortunately the ground - which is one of the school's playing fields - is susceptible to flooding - causing the show to have been cancelled twice in the past five years.

Organisers say that although cancellation insurance had been taken out, cancellation of the show last year placed a great strain on its funds and the risk of cancellation again, and the possibility of the show's demise, has necessitated a change of venue to a site which would not be so susceptible to adverse weather.

However, the move to the new site - The Carnival Fields - will cost considerably more as it is owned by Cheshire East Council who charge community groups for its use and insist on traffic management.

Cheshire East Council are charging the Wilmslow Show £600 to hire the field plus there are additional charges for busing people to and from the town's car parks, additional infrastructure is required because the site is less secure and because of previous claims the insurance has more than doubled to £4600.

As a result the Wilmslow Show applied to the Town Council for a great of £6500 to cover the additional costs which will incurred for 2017.

Last year Wilmslow Town Council granted them £10,000 which was not returned when the show was cancelled but has been kept to help them cover the additional costs.

Speaking at Town Council meeting on Tuesday, 18th April, Councillor Frank McCarthy, Chairman of the Wilmslow Show, told fellow councillors, "The whole point of moving was that this time last year when the show was being held we sat there on the morning of what would have been the show looking at a very very damp field we said to ourselves that if we had it elsewhere could we actually have had the show today.

"So several of us actually went down to The Carnival Fields on that Sunday and we discovered whilst a lot of it was quite damp we would have had a show on that field.

"So we decided that really we couldn't carry on using all our money and the time and the amount of work that not just he committee does but so many people that come along to the show for the competitions, the dogs, the classic cars etc - it was such a disappointment for them all that we couldn't risk carrying on at what had been a lovely site so we made the decision we had to move."

Councillor David Pincombe said "It is accepted that Wilmslow Show is a great family day out which takes months of planning and organising by a dedicated unpaid committee that work tirelessly to create an event which brings many people into Wilmslow. Unfortunately weather and flooding in recent years have led to several cancellations, hopefully the move to a new venue will bring about a weather change and make the 105th Wilmslow Show a great success.

"The Town Council have in the past supported the show and again this year the Finance Committee unanimiously agreed that we continue with our support."

The grant application stated "Although we are optimistic about the venue's potential in the medium term, particularly as so many more people live in that area, we accept that this year may see a drop in numbers as people get used to the new site and to allow for those put off by the weather related issues in previous years."

Wilmslow Town Council approved the grant application of £6500 unanimiously.

Wilmslow Show


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Simon Worthington
Friday 21st April 2017 at 12:43 pm
The school playing fields are susceptable to flooding. Next to a railway line. I presume councillors were involved.
Richard Slater
Friday 21st April 2017 at 9:58 pm
So back to the New "OLD" venue, and of course Cheshire East spoil the fun by charging a fee for a community event, which will bring people to the village, along with their money!

From 1977 the show was held on the Carnival Field, and only in the last few years, was it moved to the High School. Not sure why buses are required as most people walk, and at worst, parking provision could be made on Pownall Park, also down Buckingham Road & Bourne Street, with access down the various paths to the field.

Note to the organisers; just make sure you get the keys off the council in good time, as they recently ruined a local event, because the council couldn't locate the keys for access to the venue!!
Pete Taylor
Monday 24th April 2017 at 6:08 am
£16500 seems a remarkable public outlay for a one day event. The show website is not much use, I've been trying to organise a club entry for the classic car event but drawn a blank. Web searches either lead to previous year's events or to the Wilmslow Car Show. Unless something changes quickly we probably will not bother.