The Dogfather: Whatever the problem there is always an answer


This cool dude on the Harley trike is Peter Jackson of Nasbey Road Congleton who had mobility problems and could not walk his dog Rocky. 
With a spirit of real determination Peter (and Rocky) set out to find an answer and here it is.

Now Rocky (on lead) trots around Congleton at 5mph and when he gets tired he hitches a ride on Peter's footrest.
 Whatever your dog problem there is ALWAYS an answer.

I've seen little dogs 'too terrified' to walk in a crowd stroll around a country show with my Pack after just a half-hour confidence boost. I've had so-called Devil Dogs turn into the most devoted lovable pets with Leadership and education from committed owners.

I once trained a (legal) Pit Bull to become a calm, sociable wonderful pet for the owner of a large dog sanctuary. Given the reputation of these dogs I doubt anyone else would have offered this dog a home but it's not what's on the collar end of the lead that makes a dog dangerous ... it's what at the other end.

Just like us every dog wants to live a relaxed stress-free life and will always follow the path to rehabilitation once they are shown the way.

Anti social dogs know their behaviour is wrong, they have lost their way and just don't know what to do about it. It is our job as owners and Leaders to help them.

I consider it my duty to prepare my dogs for everything that life has to throw at them. If they are afraid of traffic then I concentrate on that area. If they are constantly excited and unruly I teach calmness as their default mode.

Never give up on your dog with knowledge Commitment and Leadership you can do it.

Come along to one of my classes and I will show you how.

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The Dogfather, Vic Barlow