Volunteers spruce up neglected area off Parkway

The Wilmslow Partnership, who managed the recent renovation of the pond by the Rectory Fields, has identified a number of areas in the town that could benefit from some attention.

As a result they tackled another of their targets, the overgrown area between Parkway and the car park by Sainsbury, on Saturday 11th March. The land stretches from Greenhall Mews along Parkway and is bordered to the east by a yew hedge. The area is populated with many mature trees, some of which are diseased, but there are daffodils flowering now and bluebells and cow parsley still to bloom.

The Rapid Relief Team, which is part of a world-wide group who respond to local challenges, carefully cleared overgrowth and self-seeded saplings from the area and trimmed the yew hedge.

Ruth McNulty, Chair of the Wilmslow Partnership said "This is only the first part of this project. We judged that we would need to clear the land before we could begin to develop the area. It is now easier to judge the potential here.

"I want to thank the Rapid Relief Team members not only for undertaking this long overdue work but for actively seeking to work with us in our mission to help improve the environment of our town. They have asked us to define additional projects for them. Please let the Partnership know if you have identified other spots in the town that could benefit from some TLC."



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Mary Sunderland
Friday 17th March 2017 at 3:46 pm
What a shame to see they have not left anything for the wildlife.
Simon Worthington
Sunday 19th March 2017 at 7:55 am
Is this the piece of land that was donated to the people of Wilmslow by the same lady who donated to the theatre group?