The Dogfather: Resolve your dog problems in 15 minutes


Good news for all those owners who can't understand or resolve their dog problems. On March 26/27 we kick off our summer itinerary with back-to-back Dog Behaviour Clinics.

Dog behaviour problems are rarely as difficult to resolve as owners believe. I have yet to meet a dog that didn't respond to positive guidance. Last year we worked with over 150 dogs at our various Behaviour Clinics and I cannot recall a dog of any breed or age we could not help.

Some are more difficult than others but many 'perceived' problems aren't really problems at all. Like the little Chihuahua that was 'too nervous' to walk outside the house that went home trotting beside its owner. Up to that point that poor little dog had lived its entire life indoors.

Rocky was a different case altogether. According to his owner Rocky didn't like Labradors, black dogs, small dogs, yappy dogs apparently there wasn't a dog he did like. So imagine his owner's surprise when Rocky walked around the show in the middle of my Pack.

This isn't magic it's simply understanding the cause of the perceived problem. You can do it all you need is the knowledge and the determination.

I can supply the knowledge. Just come along to my Dogfather Behaviour Clinic and I'll demonstrate on YOUR dog.

Saturday March 25 we are at Astbury Mere visitor centre and on Sunday March 26 we will be in the Churchyard town centre Macclesfield at the famous Treacle Market. Times from 10 am to 3pm both days

You can email me for an appointment or text me on 07590-560012 or you can simply turn up on the day and I will see you and your dog ASAP. The only cost is a £10 charity donation to Animal Support Volunteers.

If you have a dog problem this is your chance to get it fixed.

The Dogfather, Vic Barlow