Plans for 21 apartments and detached house on Alderley Road


Planning permission is being sought for the construction of 21 apartments and a 6 bedroom house on Alderley Road.

Williams Developments are applying to demolish a vacant dental surgery and a house at 77-79 Alderley Road and replace them with a single detached dwelling and a three storey block of two bedroom apartments, six of which will be offered as affordable units.

The scheme also includes new access, 21 car parking spaces for residents of the apartments, secure storage for 21 cycles and landscaping.

The site is made up of three plots of land: 77 Alderley Road- which is occupied by the former and now vacant Fernleigh Consulting Clinic; 79 Alderley Road - which is occupied by a residential property and a vacant garden plot, located adjacent to 13 Greenway which has outline planning permission for a single detached dwelling to be accessed via Greenway (references 08/2963P and 12/0542M).

The planning application, which is due to be considered by the Northern Planning Committee at their meeting on November 11th, can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for reference 16/3285M. The last date for submitting comments is 13th October.

Alderley Road, Planning Applications


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Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 8:32 am
21 apartments and a 6 bedroomed house? I presume that the apartments are primarily flat - roofed to fit them all in. Minimal car parking provision - but not to worry plenty of space for cycles, which is great if your hobby is cycling, but since you are only a few hundred yards from Sainsburys it is hard to see why you would need a cycle.

From a positive note you will be able to see the other development of tall apartments at Remenham. How much money did the Council make from the sale of that land?
Ryan Dance
Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 1:01 pm
seems like a sensible redevelopment to me. No comments yet from the anti development ...anti change mob?
Simon Worthington
Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 1:08 pm
Another 50 plus (conservative estimate) vehicle movements per day on a very busy road with hundreds of children crossing close by morning and afternoon. No doubt the new residents will complain about various noises, smell etc. from the town centre, monthly market, pub next door..... Also very close to the planned entrance/exit from the carbuncle being erected opposite. Should soon be up to the 900........
Jon Armstrong
Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 2:16 pm
I'm sure the dental staff, receptionists, cleaners, patients, etc caused considerably more than 50 vehicle movements per day, so this would likely be a net reduction on the site's former use.
Vince Chadwick
Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 8:15 pm
If they were 'in character' and tasteful, no problem. But have a look at the proposed development on the Cheshire East site.

Even flat-pack champions Ikea would disown that design. It's worthy of inclusion with the very worst of Soviet brutalist architecture. An even worse sin than demolishing the old police station and replacing it with the anonymous brick 'block' that sits on that site today.
Pete Taylor
Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 9:59 pm
CEC really need to update their outdated guideline for one parking space to each apartment.

I agree with Vince, this "Gehäuseblock" would not look out of place in 1958 Leigzig. What exactly do they teach "Architects" these days.

Great place for affordable housing (how much is affordable?) but they must be in keeping with the residential surroundings.
Julie Green
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 2:28 pm
3 storey and more seems to be becoming the norm in Wilmslow now, to its detriment...
Malcolm Elliott
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 3:09 pm
The last time I saw a building like this was on a television
program about accommodation blocks in Romania for abandoned
and orphaned individuals with serious learning difficulties. Obviously built on a very limited budget.
Develop the site by all means but please do not waste everyone's
time with 'designs' like this.
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 3:34 pm
Wow - it is ugly, and the flat roof looks completely out of character with the buildings either side. Do you think the architects from the Wirral were having a laugh at Wilmslow's expense?

As to the balconies facing Alderley Road - presumably to sit on these balconies you will have to purchase special breathing apparatus to keep out the exhaust fumes.
Pete Taylor
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 5:00 pm
From the submitted site plan it looks like the front elevation of the building will be within 4-5 mtrs of the boundary wall on Alderley Road, i.e. from where the two posts are on the photo above.
Jon Armstrong
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 5:58 pm
Which will only be the same more or less as most of the other buildings on the road. The current building is set back much further than most of the others.
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 6:38 pm
Take a look at google earth - the ones either side are well set back with parking in the front.
Jon Armstrong
Thursday 22nd September 2016 at 9:05 pm
I did. To the left of the former dental surgery, as you look it it from the road, the neighboring two properties are both set back from the road, albeit not quite as far as the dentist. To its right, the immediate next door building is less than 10m from the road. The row of houses after come almost up to the footpath. Of the buildings opposite, the house on the corner of chapel lane is only about 4 or 5m from the road and so is Kenmore next to it. So some are closer from the road and some are further from the road, but it's hardly out of keeping with the distances of nearby properties.

They want to build two bedroom homes (something in short supply in Wilmslow), make use of a brownfield site, will probably have less traffic or at least no more traffic than the last occupant of the site and isn't disproportionate to many of the nearby buildings. Ok the design isn't to my taste, but if this isn't the sort of brownfield site that can be developed I don't know what is.
Friday 23rd September 2016 at 8:29 am
Jon - agreed it is in the centre of Wilmslow. What you have is 1 dental surgery and 1 house. The dental surgery sits the opposite side of the footpath and it is "read" in conjunction with the the stunning luxury apartments on the other side of the footpath. This surgery could have been developed to be equally stunning and brought forward to the same level as the luxury apartments. This would have given a considerable profit. The house the other side is barely visible from the road because of the hedge, but is further forward, but this plot could also have been developed to a high standard and remained a distance from the road. Next to this house are the two semis.

What we have is developers ignoring the immediate neighbours, the luxury apartments, and bringing these apartments much further forward to be in line with the semis, despite this changing the street scene. The other thing which changes the street scene is that the luxury apartments have roofs as do the two remaining semis. Both these are traditionally designed buildings. Kenmore has space for parking at the front and the side as does the other dental practice and the Church. All these buildings have traditional roofs.

If your argument is that because it is in the middle of Wilmslow and brownfield, and that we need more flats, (Handforth ones finally all sold), then so be it. But, as far as I can see this development is not a benign attempt attempt to develop a semi - derelict site, but an attempt to squeeze the maximum profit to the detriment of the character and landscape. If this is given permission it is hoped that there will be restrictions on cycle exit via the public footpath. This footpath is used by school children.
Ryan Dance
Friday 23rd September 2016 at 9:18 am
Jackie (aka no development....of any sort...anywhere in leafy affluent wilmslow). The site needs developing

With regards to maximum profit - i make the same boring what? liken comparison to you aspirations to secure the best maximise your pension climb the housing ladder!

You always take issue with the developers trying to make a profit......isn't this just basic economics and one will all selfishly indulge in? or do you live a simple life in the woods living off the land?
Jon Armstrong
Friday 23rd September 2016 at 10:30 am
The luxury apartments you speak of are immediately next to a busy pub and a hotel, are yards from Sainsburys, and across the road from a surgery and an old people's home. All of these were already there when the apartments were built. Let's not kid ourselves they are on a hill by a stream overlooking a tranquil meadow.

If the developer had proposed another development like those luxury apartments the usual suspects on here would be bemoaning that it was more houses aimed at rich people and no starter homes. So they propose two bed apartments and people find something else to complain about.
Friday 23rd September 2016 at 3:57 pm
Ryan - or should I said development at any price? Brownfield sites can be developed - the issue comes down to "appropriate development". To follow your logic then appropriate development would be any carbuncle, in any place with the lose tag of "brownfield".