Barlow's Beef: Why I'm ranting for Britain


I opened my BBC News app this morning and read a headline that made my quite angry. I'm not by nature an angry person but the banner headline shouting at me from the screen read: "Ethnic minorities face 'entrenched' racial inequality."

Apparently a review by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found an 'alarming' picture of inequality in the United Kingdom.There was not a single positive word of appreciation for any of the communities who have welcomed immigrants from all over the world or any acknowledgement for their struggle.

I couldn't think of anything more likely to widen the divide than a report implying that the UK has a shameful record in its treatment of ethnic minorities.

If so why are we at the top of chosen destinations for migrants and refugees? Why did more than 300,000 choose to make UK their home last year alone?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission clearly chose not to acknowledge the pressure this places on communities and local services or give any credit to anyone for the enormous strides made in eradicating racial intolerance.

Of course the United Kingdom is not perfect but it's a damn sight more tolerant than the vast majority of alternative destinations. Millions of people from around the world recognise this fact even if the Equality and Human Rights Commission don't.

Given the enormous influx of migrants we have absorbed over the years the occasional nod of appreciation might be appropriate instead of continual denigration.

You don't win the hearts and mind of indigenous people by constant criticism.

Thankfully at ground level we seem to get along together pretty well and, while there are always a few unhinged individuals in the main we live and let live.

The drive for equality is an ongoing process not just for ethnic minorities but for women, poor white families and children of all creeds and religions who seem to be abused on an industrial scale by the very individuals and organisations they rely on for protection.

I'm not sure what the Equality and Human Rights Commission hope to achieve by painting such a disparaging view of British society except continuance of its public funding.

Inflammatory statements such as: 'If you are black or an ethnic minority in modern Britain, it can often still feel like you're living in a different world,'

Are the Commission so out of touch as to not realise that the same statement can be made by many UK citizens who no longer feel they belong in their own neighbourhoods.

They too feel unrepresented and ignored are we to have an equally inflammatory Commission fighting their case? If so the divisions will expand exponentially.

I have great faith in people of all colours creeds and religions that despite self flagellating socialists, right-wing nutcases and egotistical politicians we will always find a way to live together.

Rant over... I feel better now.

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Barlows Beef, Vic Barlow


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Pete Taylor
Tuesday 23rd August 2016 at 1:15 pm
Well said! As one of the "silent majority" I'm getting increasingly fed up of this sort of thing.

To turn around the Commission's statement:

"'If you are white or an ethnic majority in modern Britain, it can often feel like you're living in a different world"
Nick Jones
Tuesday 23rd August 2016 at 6:29 pm
Vic, The ECHR principles are not supposed to favour one person or group against another... (Thumb nail tour... Right to Life, Liberty and Security, Fair trial, Privacy, Equality, Freedom ,peaceful assembly and association, prohibition of torture degrading treatment , slavery etc etc.. ) I don’t think you can argue they are not valuable beliefs in a civilised society.. And they can be applied to every aspect of our daily life, but the danger in being selective with any study is that you don’t equally represent the rights of the others... from National press reporting’s victims’ rights frequently appear to get overlooked ignored or misrepresented sometimes challenging common sense ... So it’s no wonder Legal Minds earn a fortune around interpretation... The danger being if a balanced position is not presented then the voice that shouts first is the only one that gets heard. .... So were not perfect... and unless they shout out ... the silent majority dont get heard.
Vic Barlow
Wednesday 24th August 2016 at 3:29 pm
So... the silent majority should do more shouting.
Mmm... interesting concept.
Bob Bracegirdle
Wednesday 24th August 2016 at 8:33 pm
Do better to rant for the human race as a whole.
Anne Greenhalgh
Wednesday 24th August 2016 at 10:13 pm
Well said Vic Barlow, not sure what Nick Jones is talking about, the report clearly states 'racial inequality' what about the other inequalities like Britain's kids having no breakfast & kind hearted people setting up breakfast clubs for them & food banks for the poor & our old folk working all their lives in this country paying their dues & then having to go without everyday comforts because they can't afford things.......DO NOT GET ME STARTED! I represent equality for ALL! every creed, colour, religion.