New sofa and accessories shop set to open in Wilmslow


A retail unit at St Anns Parade is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment in preparation for the opening of a new interiors showroom.

The premises previously occupied by Acacia Health Foods has been stripped back to a blank canvas ready for the refit.

Sitting Duck Sofas is planning to open in four weeks offering bespoke sofas crafted by carpenters, seamstresses and upholsterers along with a range of accessories including rugs, cushions candles and lamps.

The company was founded five years but until now has been a purely online operation.

Matthew Atherton, who previously worked at a solicitors in the town will be managing the shop. Speaking about why they chose Wilmslow, he said "We decided to open in Wilmslow as we think there is the market for it."

Matthew added "It is my girlfriend's parents business and they wanted me to get involved so it is the opportunity for me to try something new."

Sitting Duck Sofas will be opening at 2 St Anns Parade next month.

Sitting Duck Sofas, St Anns Parade


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Frank Maltby
Wednesday 25th May 2016 at 3:20 pm
Is this hopefully a start of commerce trading instead of the plethora of wine bars and coffee shops which are ruining the centre of Wilmslow in what was once a great shopping experience, but not now as it stands it a disgrace!!!
Jon Armstrong
Wednesday 25th May 2016 at 4:30 pm
This plethora of wine bars thing is oft repeated, but does it really stand up to scrutiny? I first started coming to Wilmslow around 17 years ago, and it seems to me there are fewer pubs and bars now than there were then. (I'm going to stretch "wine bar" to include all pubs and bars as otherwise I think we'd cover them all on the fingers of one hand, which definitely doesn't count as a "plethora").

Back then there were quite a few pubs and bars that no longer exist -- they've mostly either become restaurants (Rectory, Dinks, Bollin Fee currently work in progress, etc) or closed altogether (George and Dragon, Hogshead, the one that was eventually called Boardroom, etc). A few new ones have opened, mostly replacing ones that closed, but over that time period I'm pretty sure there has been a total net reduction.

One that basis certainly can't blame these pubs and bars for any decline in shopping, as back in the late 90s there were both more pubs/bars and more shops. The decline in both have just been part of a general social trend away from pub drinking and high street shopping.

Indeed, if you examined a longer period I would imagine that as Wilmslow has expanded, particularly since the Second World War, the number of pubs in proportion to the population has fallen considerably.