Barlow's Beef: Now we know... New labour hates democracy


Has it occurred to anyone in the Labour Party that their conduct throughout the Leadership Election campaign has shattered any illusion of competence?

If they can't organise an internal election how can they be trusted to deal with the huge and complex responsibilities of government?

This election was a top news item for over three months. You would expect them to realise this was the maximum exposure they were likely to receive until the next election. Incompetent doesn't cover it.

A first-year student on a business degree course could grasp the impact made on the public of such a high-profile campaign. It's a marketing blunder on the scale of the Ford Edsel promotion, the most disastrous launch of a new car in automotive history.

Jeremy Corbyn was an insignificant outsider not worthy of consideration by the political elite until his campaign took off. Suddenly the legitimacy of his support was being questioned. When it proved to be totally within the rules they whined and whinged like spoiled kids denied a treat.

From thereon it spiralled completely out of control as they brought in Mr Blair, their totally discredited former leader, who promptly persuaded any non-committed party members to vote Corbyn.

In the end the man despised by those who consider themselves the Labour Party elite won by a landslide. Clearly factions of the Labour Party hate democracy. Before the result was announced they were plotting to lever Mr Corbyn out of office. Demonstrating just how out of touch they are.

Grass-root Labour supporters are tired of policies branding their party Tory-Lite and want to return to their socialist roots. Good luck to them. The self-aggrandising style of the Blairites was well and truly rejected.

In the end voters were unable to distinguish New Labour from Old Tory. Mr Corbyn will not follow that path. He has neither the swagger nor arrogance of New Labour. Farther from the egotistical Mr Blair he could not be.

Everything has its day. Maybe all those on zero-hours contracts, forced to use foodbanks or bring up families on minimum wage are tired of slick sound-bites and meaningless rhetoric?

Maybe the site of bankers earning millions for failure while they work long-hours for a pittance nauseates them?

For a huge number of people who feel unrepresented Mr Corbyn offers hope. Old fashioned socialism it may be but for many it's clearly preferable to more New Labour.

At least voters now have a clear choice rather than two almost identical parties.

One David is more than enough for anyone.

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Julie Green
Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 3:06 pm
Whether it's Corbyn, Sturgeon, Farage etc..., the reason more people are turning to their brands of politics is that they appear to offer something different from the same old, same old. At the end of the day it's not what is said but how they are saying it which is getting people's attention.
John Clegg
Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 5:52 pm
It should certainly concentrate the minds of Tory leaders. They weren't elected because everybody wanted more of their poor-bashing, welfare-hating policies: they were re-elected to stop Labour getting back in to partially mis-manage the economy (as usual), or were certainly asleep at the wheel when attention needed to paid.
What a Corbyn-led party might do is to help re-focus thinking back to an economy for us all rather than for the few. Well, we can hope...
Tomorrow Weds 12.00 Prime Minister's Questions might be worth a listen.
Julie Green
Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 7:03 pm
Not much of a choice really, between what was just described or back to the 3 day week, union stranglehold over the economy and endless strikes of the 70's....
Vic Barlow
Wednesday 16th September 2015 at 6:53 pm
I like the way Mr Corby is NOT slick
I'm a bit tired of polished media smart sound-bite politicians.