'Champions Camp' prepares students for move to high school

Sixty Year 6 students have been attending a special camp at Wilmslow High School this week to help prepare them for a great start when they move up to the high school in September.

The week long camp was organised by Dean Schneider, director of Champions' Camp: Transitioning with Character, who was a high school teacher, advisor and coach for over 25 years in the United States.

Champions' Camp: Transitioning with Character is all about preparing the students for the large amount of change they will encounter in a relatively small amount of time when they change schools, such as navigating a new and larger school, making new friends, fitting in, taking on new responsibilities, being in unfamiliar classes and getting to know new teachers.

Dean said "We are dedicated to inspiring and preparing Year 6 students with the necessary character tools, social skills and academic know-how to make a successful high school transition, enabling all students to become champions. Our motto is simple, 'Take care of your character and your character will take care of you'."

Throughout the week students enjoyed a variety of fun and challenging activities and games designed to develop character, team-building, social skills, a sense of community and friendship with students from other primary schools.

Speaking about the new camp, Headteacher Dr James Pullé said "Sometimes it's serendipity, the moment arises, the right person comes along and the opportunity presents itself.

"Dean moved to the area, worked with us during the course of the year and we've been impressed with everything he's done."

Dr Pullé added "It is about drawing it together in a way that will be a quality experience, it's about giving then that extra bit of foundation when coming up in September and making the transition from primary school to the 29th largest secondary school in the country."

Provided the feedback is good Wilmslow High School would like to build on the camp next year and attract more Year 6 students.

Wilmslow High School