A Conservative Plan for Wilmslow

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Conservative Councillors across Wilmslow are working to address the concerns raised by local residents. We have already delivered many improvements across the town and we have achieved this whilst Council Tax remains frozen. Conservatives on Cheshire East and Wilmslow Town Council have worked well together whilst other groups have offered only isolationism and negativity. We are the only group with a clear plan, on all issues, for Wilmslow's future over the next four years.

Our achievements and pledges:


Commuter parking is a persistent and growing problem across Wilmslow.

  • We work with local residents at their request to achieve parking restrictions in their roads.
  • We will secure £800,000 investment in decking to extend the Broadway Meadow commuter car park.
  • We will conduct a review of parking charges including price reductions at Spring Street.

Upgrading Pavements and Roads:

We have secured money for the extensive resurfacing of our roads and now will tackle pavements.

  • We will begin pavements improvement works over the next six months.
  • Main roads have been resurfaced as have residential roads including Moor Lane, Gravel Lane, Chesham Road, Knutsford Road, Station Road, and Altrincham Road.
  • We will repair the remaining residential roads over the next 2 years.

Road Safety:

Many residents have expressed their concern over driving speeds on Wilmslow's roads.

  • 20 MPH limits around our schools.
  • New and improved pedestrian crossings – e.g., Knutsford Road, Altrincham Road, and Bedells Lane.
  • More SIDs to add to the new ones in Knutsford Road, Macclesfield Road, Styal Road.

Project Wilmslow:

Conservative councillors have worked closely over the years with all local interest groups, including the Wilmslow Business Group.

  • Delivered award winning improvements to our town centre.
  • More planned for the centre and in Chapel Lane and Davenport Green.
  • Created community events - Film in the Park, Reindeer Parade, Party in the Park.
  • Control 'chuggers' and A board advertising: new planters and street waste bins.
  • Provide new toilet block near the Carrs play area.


We continue to represent residents on specific planning applications and lead against unwelcome large speculative applications.

  • Successfully oppose unwanted planning applications including Gypsy Traveller site and Welton Drive.
  • Delivering a brownfield first policy.
  • Precious greenbelt will not be developed.
  • Back developments that provide retirement accommodation and those providing opportunities for young people looking to buy homes.

Contrary to claims from local single issue groups, hard work by local Cheshire East Councillors has ensured that no new Green Belt land will be built on during the current local plan period. The work done by Conservative Councillors has ensured that Wilmslow will have a low requirement for new house building. Counterproductive criticism from 'Independents' has led to the Planning Inspector suggesting a higher number of new homes to be built in Cheshire East.

Local Conservative Councillors have successfully opposed recent unwanted planning applications such as the Gypsy traveller site off Moor Lane, at the Land off Rotherwood, and at Pigginshaw of Altrincham Road. The Welton Drive application was withdrawn before it could be refused. We are delivering on our Brownfield first policy by working to deliver development at locations such as the former Council offices off Bedells lane and the site on Holly Road North. We also support developments such as at Lindow Moss that will have a strategic benefit for Wilmslow. It is not possible or desirable, as some suggest, to block all local development. We will back developments that benefit Wilmslow's recognised need for more retirement accommodation, and those that provide opportunities for young people looking to buy homes in our town.

The reality for Independent Councillors is that no matter how well meaning they may be, they are isolated and so sadly ineffectual on the single issue they stood for. As a group of individuals representing different issues they have no common focus so no influence either on the budget for the Council or, more significantly, for the residents who elected them. Locally they have a poor track record of securing funds or influencing policy.

Contact us at WilmslowConservatives@gmail.com.

Photos: (l-r) Rod Menlove, Ellie Brooks and Gary Barton. Second photo: Don Stockton.

Promotional Feature.

Promoted by H Wells-Bradshaw on behalf of R Menlove, G Barton, E Brooks, D Stockton and the Conservative Party candidates for Wilmslow Town Council, all of Conservative Office, Manchester Road, Knutsford WA16 0LT.

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