Winning scarecrows from schools and organisations announced

The winners of the 2014 Wilmslow Scarecrow competition for schools and other organisations have been announced.

Wilmslow Dean Rotary Club had the tough task of judging the fantastic entries from five local schools, three churches, four nurseries, two scouts and a brownie group.

Peter Friend, of Rotary Club of Wilmslow Dean, said "It is always difficult to judge scarecrow as we set no specific parameters for their construction. Like beauty therefore, the charms of a scarecrow are in the eye of the beholder! So and with perhaps not the greatest eyesight in the world, we have come to the following conclusion for 2014 Schools/others Competition"

First place was awarded to Alderley Edge Community Primary School with their scarecrow Elma which children in the reception class created with the help of their parents. As part of this creation every child wove a patch that eventually helped create the scarecrow's shirt.

Second place went to 1st Lindow (St Johns) Scouts, organised by Mike Shaw, and third place to St Benedict's RC Primary School whose scarecrow Summer was made by the gardening club, helped by Mrs Shenton.

Peter added "All other entries were excellent and merit a 'Highly Commended' award."

Headteacher of Alderley Edge Community Primary School, Chris Perry, said "I have been delighted with the work the children have been doing in class and this opportunity to create the scarecrow linked brilliantly with the work the children have been doing in class.

"The scarecrow is amazing and again shows the great work that can be achieved by parents and school working in partnership. I would particularly like to thank Heather Penn and Lucy Ball for their creativity and support with this project and, of course, the children in the reception class. Although I am really pleased that we won the scarecrow competition I am far more pleased that the children had a great time creating him."

See our gallery for photos of a large selection of this year's entries in the 2014 Wilmslow Scarecrow Festival.

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